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Optimizing Transact-SQL Code
Aug 9, 2002
Here are some tips and tricks for avoiding common pitfalls and writing good T-SQL code, as well as some advanced options that you might find useful.
Options Affecting SQL Server Locking Behavior
May 31, 2002
If you need to alter SQL Server's default locking behavior, learn about the query hints and SET options that can also be used to alter the way SQL Server locks resources.
Oracle versus SQL Server in the Enterprise
Mar 25, 2005
Can Oracle kick SQL Server's behind? Oracle expert David Hull throws down the gauntlet to Microsoft devotees.
Oracle vs. SQL Server, Part 5 - Dissecting Oracle 9i
Aug 30, 2002
See the pure power of this awarding-winning RDBMS by looking at the outstanding features and benefits that it has to offer you.
Oracle vs. SQL Server, Part 3 - A Closer Look at SQL Server
Aug 2, 2002
Explore Microsoft's SQL Server 2000, looking at features and benefits of this relational database management system.
Oracle vs. SQL Server, Part 4 - The Softer Side of SQL Server 2000
Aug 9, 2002
See the conclusion of Rob Hawthorne's review of the good, the bad, and the ugly in Microsoft's SQL Server 2000. And there's more on Oracle to come!
Oracle Web Application Programming for PL/SQL Developers: Remote Server Access
Jun 20, 2003
Get the basics of remote server access as well as how you can benefit from this access today. You will experience workable examples that will bring you to an immediate and practical understanding of remote server access.
Performing General Administration Tasks in SQL Server 2000
Oct 5, 2001
Many database administration tasks can be done automatically with SQL Server 2000. In this excerpt from SQL Server 2000 Database Development From Scratch, author Rob Hawthorne discusses the administrative tasks that can be automated by setting up ...
Populating a Data Warehouse with SQL Server 2000
Nov 9, 2001
In this article, Baya Pavliashvili provides a tutorial for populating data warehouses. The article includes a number of tips for choosing the storage model, indexing fact and dimension tables, and much more.
Practical Business Intelligence with SQL Server 2005: Data Mining
Nov 10, 2006
This sample chapter looks at how to use some of the data mining features in SQL Server Analysis Services 2005 to perform tasks such as customer segmentation and market basket analysis.
Preface to Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Unleashed
May 26, 2015
The authors of Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Unleashed introduce their book and discuss its intended audience, what the book covers, and conventions used in the book.
Recommended Practices for SQL Server Analysis Services 2005/2008 Design
Feb 8, 2010
Baya Dewald offers recommendations for avoiding the most commonly encountered dimension/partition design pitfalls for SQL Server Analysis Services 2005 and 2008.
Relational Databases 101
Sep 14, 2007
Design relational databases that can perform better, be easier to maintain, and be more successful.
Relational Databases 101
Dec 29, 2006
Relationships Should NOT Be Natural!
Apr 30, 2004
Using naturally occurring data can have negative impact on database performance. We should restrict ourselves to using cold, hard, sequential numbers, and forget about those warm, comfortable relationships with data that are so familiar.
Replicating Code Modules in SQL Server
Oct 15, 2004
Replicating table articles can help you maintain multiple databases in sync. But what about stored procedures, views, and user defined functions? Do you have to apply the same code changes on a multitude of servers you manage? Fortunately, there is a way to synchronize the schema of non-table articles; and replicating the execution of stored procedures can provide better performance than replicating individual commands when adding, modifying, or removing rows from tables. Read on to find out how!
Replicating Code Modules with SQL Server 2005
Sep 15, 2006
As with previous releases of the software, SQL Server 2005 enables you to replicate code modules. Baya Pavliashvili gives you an overview of replicating code modules and explains when it is beneficial to do so.
Reporting Services Architecture in SQL Server 2005
Jun 30, 2006
SSRS is a comprehensive and extensible reporting platform, which includes an integrated set of processing components, programmatic interfaces, and tools. Processing components are the basis for the multilayered architecture of SSRS and interact with each other to retrieve data, process layout, render, and deliver a report to a target destination.
Serve SQL Data in XML Format
Sep 28, 2007
Learn how to extract data from SQL databases and serve it to an AJAX application running in a web browser.
Server and Client Configuration and Troubleshooting
Jun 22, 2001
This sample chapter covers SQL Server 7's startup, some of its configuration options, and its interaction with NT. Also discussed is server troubleshooting and client setup and configuration. Finally, this chapter shows you a few SQL Server tricks.

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