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Implementing Access Controls on SQL Server Data
Mar 14, 2008
Provide fine-grained access control to individual records in the most sensitive tables of your database.
InformIT Visual Tutorial 1: The Big Picture
Jun 1, 2001
In this article, Nick and Nancy V. Flor explain how HTML forms, databases, SQL, and Active Server Pages work together in interactive applications.
In-Memory Optimization and the Buffer Pool Extension in SQL Server 2014
Jun 18, 2015
To take maximum advantage of the performance improvements that can be achieved from having your critical OLTP tables memory resident, Microsoft developed the In-Memory Optimization feature for SQL Server. Another feature introduced in SQL Server 2014 to take advantage of the lower costs and increased sizes of SSDs, is the Buffer Pool Extension feature. The authors of Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Unleashed discuss both of these exciting new features in this chapter.
In-Process Data Access in SQL Server 2005
Jun 16, 2006
Whether you access data from the client, middle tier, or server, when you’re using SQL Server and the .NET Framework, you use the SqlClient data provider. Your data access code is similar regardless of its location, but the .NET Framework 2.0 version of SqlClient contains code to encapsulate differences when you’re programming inside SQL Server and optimize the in-server programming environment. This chapter introduces you to the idea of in-process data access.
Inside SQL Server 2005 Management and Administration Tools
Dec 22, 2006
SQL Server Management Studio is a rich and comprehensive tool that enables many management and administration scenarios. This sample chapter provides some tips and tricks for using the tool, straight from the Microsoft team that created it.
Installing and Configuring SQL Server Reporting Services
Jan 21, 2005
This chapter details the installation and configuration of SQL Server reporting services, providing advice on testing and options for this useful function.
Installing or Upgrading to the SQL Server 2008 Database Engine
May 28, 2009
This chapter describes the step-by-step process for installing a clean version of SQL Server 2008 Database Engine and/or upgrading an existing SQL Server Database Engine implementation to SQL Server 2008.
Integrating Microsoft SQL Server 2000 OLAP and Microsoft Office, Part 1: Creating an Excel PivotTable Report with an OLAP Cube
Sep 20, 2002
Explore the analysis capabilities of the Excel PivotTable report to present data from an OLAP (OnLine Analytical Processing) cube. In this tutorial, learn how to build a PivotTable report from scratch, and explore the details of its cube-focused functionality.
Integrating Microsoft SQL Server 2000 OLAP and Microsoft Office: Building a PivotTable List within FrontPage
Oct 18, 2002
Develop reports directly from an OLAP cube with an Office PivotTable list. This tutorial designs and builds a PivotTable list within Microsoft FrontPage 2000, so you can discover how developing from scratch differs from publishing from an existing Excel PivotTable report. The tutorial focuses on “natural” PivotTable list strengths, including made-for-web robustness and control over user capabilities.
Integrating Microsoft SQL Server 2000 OLAP and Microsoft Office: Creating a Local Cube with Office 2000
Nov 1, 2002
Make your OLAP Data portable with Office 2000 for remote analysis! Join Bill Pearson in creating a local cube, using two different hands-on approaches: First, we'll create a local cube from an existing Excel PivotTable report; then we'll explore a more design-oriented OLAP Cube Wizard for more sophistication and flexibility.
Integrating Microsoft SQL Server 2000 OLAP and Microsoft Office: OLAP Reporting with an Office PivotTable List
Oct 4, 2002
Build reports with an Office PivotTable list as a flexible alternative to PivotTable Reports. In this tutorial, we build a PivotTable list based on an existing Excel PivotTable report, and compare some of its characteristics to those of its PivotTable report counterpart. Our focus is the selection of an OLAP cube as the primary data source.
Intermediate MDX Concepts, Part 1
Sep 26, 2002
Fast-forward your basic understanding of MDX with this intermediate tutorial. Learn to return values from an OLAP cube, work with calculated measures, and more precisely retrieve data with the specification of single and multiple dimensions. Hands-on practice exercises serve to reinforce your grasp of MDX terminology and syntax structure throughout the tutorial.
Intermediate MDX Concepts, Part 2
Oct 4, 2002
Continue your exploration of intermediate MDX concepts with hands-on practice exercises, exploring areas including the handling of hierarchical relationships, conditional tests, and examples of providing support for time-based analysis.
Introduction to Data Transformation Services (DTS)
Feb 22, 2002
In this first article in their three-part DTS series, Baya Pavliashvili and Dan Lampkin introduce you to one of the most powerful data transfer tools available: the Data Transformation Services of SQL Server.
Introduction to Database Replication
Mar 5, 2004
Replication involves much more than setup, just as marriage involves much more than a honeymoon. And there aren't many sources of information for replication implementation and troubleshooting. In this first in a series on replication, Baya Pavliashvili fills in some of the gaps for you by detailing replication types and giving you a general overview.
Introduction to MDX: Basic Concepts and Navigation
Sep 20, 2002
Get up to speed quickly on how to create MDX expressions based on single and multiple values. This tutorial helps beginners jump right into creating expressions for use with multidimensional data sources.
Introduction to SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
Aug 4, 2009
This chapter focuses on the features and capabilities of SSRS and how they fit into the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform.
Key MDX Components: Building Calculated Members, Part 1
Oct 25, 2002
Join Bill Pearson in the hands-on creation of dynamic calculated members. Also featured is an introduction to aggregation functions, cumulative totals, and other operations with calculated members in MDX.
Key MDX Components: Building Calculated Members, Part 2
Nov 1, 2002
Bill Pearson continues his exploration of calculated members. Expanding aggregation functions, you practice the use of cumulative totals and gain insight to the value of retrieving member properties in your queries.
Key MDX Components: Drilling Through to Details
Nov 15, 2002
Explore the drillthrough capabilities that debut in Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services. Join Bill Pearson in a hands-on tutorial that examines drillthrough from both user and design perspectives, and discover how to see "what lies beneath" the OLAP cube's summary totals.

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