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The Perl Ties That Bind
Jul 26, 2002
Learn how to provide reusable code using Perl 5 ties - a way of intercepting accesses to a Perl variable (array, hash, scalar, or filehandle).
Finding Bad Links in Perl
Jul 19, 2002
Bad links on a web site are aggravating to everyone, but Kevin Meltzer's simple Perl script can help you keep your web site's links up to date.
Deitel Introduces Hashes in Perl
Jul 12, 2002
This Deitel™ article introduces the hash data structure, used for storing data in key-value pairs and we provide two examples of creating and manipulating hashes.
Deitel Presents an Introduction to DBI in Perl
Jul 5, 2002
This Deitel™ article introduces manipulating databases using the Perl programming language. Readers should be familiar with Perl programming and SQL.
Deitel Presents “Here” Documents in Perl
Jun 14, 2002
This Deitel™ article introduces some basic concepts in string manipulation. Readers should be familiar with the basics of Perl syntax, including how to create and print strings.
Controlling the Perl Program's Flow
Jun 7, 2002
Get your Perl programs under control and learn the most efficient and readable ways to use flow-control, looping, and conditional statements.
mod_perl: The Apache Request Object
Jun 7, 2002
Randy Kobes, Paul Lindner, and Geoffrey Young discuss mod_perl API fundamentals by introducing the Apache request object, which provides a framework for interacting with all of these.
Deitel Presents An Introduction to Denial-of-Service Attacks in Perl
May 1, 2002
Deitel™ introduces Perl security and Denial-of-Service attacks. Readers should be familiar with Perl programming, regular expressions, basic CGI, basic file processing and an understanding of HTTP requests and responses.
Deitel Presents an Introduction to LWP and LWP Commands in Perl Programming
Apr 12, 2002
Deitel™ introduces Web Automation and Networking using LWP and LWP commands in Perl.
www4mail on the Run
Dec 6, 2001
Learn how to use a www4mail server to navigate and search the whole Internet via email. This service is available to anyone, anywhere, and at any time free of charge.
www4mail Technicalities — A Road Map, Statistics, and Future Developments
Dec 6, 2001
The goal of this article is to give you a taste of the www4mail technicalities. The www4mail program structure, performance, security, maintenance, and server statistics are explained. In addition, future developments of the software are also covered.
www4mail: A Bit of Web-For-Email History
Dec 6, 2001
www4mail is an example of an information and communication technology that can bring benefits to individuals and communities worldwide. This article will describe how it all started.
A Simple Template Using Perl Server Pages (PSP)
Oct 19, 2001
Chris Radcliff shows you how to add HTML display templates to Perl-based Web applications. A simple template management system is developed using Perl Server Pages (PSP) and the Apache::PSP module.
Web Database Interaction Using Perl
Oct 19, 2001
Chris Radcliff shows you how to create an HTML interface to any database that implements the Structured Query Language (SQL).
Accelerating DBI for the Web
Oct 12, 2001
Chris Radcliff shows you how to improve the performance of database-backed Web sites using persistent Perl and Apache::DBI.
Embedding Perl in HTML or XML
Oct 12, 2001
Chris Radcliff shows you how to change programs from code-centric to Web-centric using Perl embedded in HTML or XML.
Internet Software Backbone: Sockets
Oct 12, 2001
IT expert Prashant Khergaonkar explains the complex topic of sockets in layman's terms. This article explains the basic protocols, including IP, TCP, HTTP, and SMTP, and the basic socket functions required to write a full-fledged network utility.
Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and Web Services
Oct 12, 2001
Chris Radcliff shows you how to develop Web services using the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and Perl.
Stupid Perl Trick: Mnemonic Phone Numbers
Sep 2, 2001
What’s your mother’s phone number? How about the Chinese takeout place? This article shows how to use Perl in a practical way to create mnemonic phone numbers.
Resolving User SIDs
Sep 2, 2001
All security hinges on one central idea, that there is a user to whom you want to either grant or deny access. New Riders' author and Perl programming expert Dave Roth explains what security identifiers are and how to map SIDs to user accounts.

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