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Enhance Your AJAX Applications with Visual Cues
Dec 14, 2007
Help the users of your app understand what the application is doing.
Enrich Your HTML Tables with JavaScript Progressive Enhancement
Sep 7, 2007
Use JavaScript Progressive Enhancement to make good-looking HTML tables.
Important Facts About JavaScript and Related Technologies
Aug 24, 2007
Get the most important facts about JavaScript and related technologies like XML.
JavaScript Progressive Enhancement in Practice
Jun 15, 2007
Learn to make a FAQ page using JavaScript Progressive Enhancement.
Getting Started with JavaScript Programming
Sep 22, 2006
Learn several components of JavaScript programming and syntax in this sample chapter, including functions, objects, event handlers, conditions, and loops. You will also learn how to use JavaScript comments to make your script easier to read, and look at a simple example of an event handler.
Employing Rexx as a Scripting Language for Java
Oct 28, 2005
Rony Flatscher introduces the open source and free Bean Scripting Framework (BSF), which allows any Java application to deploy scripts in other languages. Any Java application developer can use BSF to supply scriptability in a user-friendly scripting language such as Rexx.
How to Add Images, Media, and Scripts to Your Web Site
Jul 15, 2005
Images, media, and scripts can really add spice to your Web site and give it a functionality otherwise missing. Find out how and when to add these elements to your Web site to provide that extra flair.
The JavaScript Building Blocks: Data Types, Literals, and Variables
Feb 27, 2004
Ellie Quigley covers some fundamental aspects of programming.
Swapping Out Image Maps
Feb 6, 2004
There are several ways to dynamically change an image's image map, for example to use a central image as the submenu for several navigation items. In this sample chapter from Advanced JavaScript: Insights and Innovative Techniques, you'll learn two different ways to use the appropriate image map for each image: keeping the image map information in the HTML of the page, and the keeping all the information in JavaScript.
JavaScript for Navigation
Jan 30, 2004
Gain a sound base of knowledge of JavaScript-based navigation, how to use it in forms for enhanced interactivity and efficiency, and some ways to combine CSS and JavaScript to add advanced functionality to your Web pages.
Injecting Dynamic JavaScript to Focus ASP.NET Controls
Oct 10, 2003
Because Web applications are generally stateless, it takes some extra effort to offer some of the convenience of a Windows Forms application. Web controls don't support the focus behavior in the code behind but a client-side script does. In this article, Paul Kimmel, the author of Visual Basic .NET Power Coding, demonstrates one technique for refocusing the previous control after a postback.
Beginning the Process of Writing Scripts
Apr 11, 2003
Approach your first script the right way by planning, implementing and then testing it properly. Walk through a simple (yet a step above "Hello World"), detailed example to build a solid scripting foundation.
Jan 1, 2003
JavaScript for Web Professionals: Using Image Rollovers
Dec 13, 2002
Dan Barrett teaches you how to spruce up your site using image rollovers.
Getting Data with Forms Using JavaScript
Nov 29, 2002
This lesson includes an overview of the HTML tags used to create forms and the corresponding JavaScript objects.
JavaScript Arrays: Properties and Methods
Nov 29, 2002
Alexander Vincent discusses arrays, which are among the most useful features in JavaScript. Learn their properties and methods, and walk through an example.
Using JavaScript to Work with Windows and Frames
Nov 15, 2002
This lesson explains how to use JavaScript to open new windows, move and resize existing windows, display dialog boxes and prompts, and work with frames. It also explains how you can use timeouts to create self-updating pages.
Using JavaScript to Respond to Events
Nov 8, 2002
Your scripts can detect events and use them to interact with the user. This lesson describes the events supported by the latest browsers and explains how to use them with practical examples.
Working with JavaScript's Document Object Model
Nov 1, 2002
The true power of JavaScript comes not from the language itself but from the DOM, or Document Object Model. This lesson introduces the DOM and shows how to use its objects to work with documents and browser history.
Functions and Statements in JavaScript
Oct 25, 2002
This sample chapter shows how you can store code by creating your own functions, and how you can control the flow of a script. You will also learn about some of the conveniently built-in pieces of code found in JavaScript.

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