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Programming in Objective-C: Classes, Objects, and Methods
Dec 27, 2012
In this chapter, you learn about some key concepts in object-oriented programming and start working with classes in Objective-C.
C, the Foundation of Objective-C
Dec 6, 2012
This chapter is a basic introduction to the C programming language, and covers variables, operators, expressions and statements, program flow, preprocessor, and command line compiling and debugging.
Taking Charge of UIView Transforms in iOS Programming
Sep 20, 2012
Erica Sadun helps conquer the opaqueness of affine transforms by offering a number of simple tweaks that transform (if you pardon the pun) the CGAffineTransform structure into friendlier Objective-C-based properties and methods.
iOS Programming: Managing Memory with ARC
Jul 30, 2012
In this chapter, you’ll learn how memory is managed in iOS and the concepts that underlie automatic reference counting, or ARC, starting with some basics of application memory.
A Tour of the iOS Media Frameworks
Jun 12, 2012
The sheer number of multimedia frameworks in the iOS SDK and their differing purposes, architectural legacies, and functional overlap all make it difficult to figure out which ones solve your problem. Chris Adamson sorts out the strengths and purposes of each.
Adding Open Source 3D Physics to Your iOS Applications
Jun 12, 2012
Erik Buck takes a step beyond 2D physics to explore realistic 3D physics simulation for iOS applications.
Be More Productive in Xcode Using Code Snippets
Jun 12, 2012
Kirby Turner shows you the ins and outs of using code snippets in Xcode 4, saving you time and reducing the amount of code you type.
Looking Forward to Objective-C Literals
Jun 11, 2012
In this article you'll discover what enhanced literals are, how you use them, and why they'll help your day-to-day development. Bestselling author Erica Sadun introduces all the basics you need to get started.
Xcode 4 Unleashed: Starting an iOS Application
Jun 6, 2012
Build an iPhone application that manages a list of quarterbacks and displays their game and career statistics. You'll learn how to plan with the Model-View-Controller pattern, create an iOS project, and use Project Search and Replace.
Get Started Using Spring MVC and Hibernate for Your Java EE Applications
Jun 5, 2012
Programming expert Jesse Smith shows the easy way to get started with the popular Spring MVC framework with Hibernate. Learn how to build a simple application with a registration page.
New Objective-C Features in LLVM 3.1
Jun 4, 2012
David Chisnall looks at the new syntactic features in Objective-C shipping with LLVM 3.1 and asks whether they're worth the added complexity.
Providing Live Touch Feedback in iOS App Demos Using TOUCHkit
May 2, 2012
Erica Sadun developed a tool called TOUCHkit that allows you to show user interaction on iOS devices in app demos. She describes the tool and its use in this article.
An Overview of Core Audio
Apr 30, 2012
This chapter looks at what’s in Core Audio and where to find it. Then it broadly surveys some of its most distinctive conventions, which you’ll get a taste for by writing a simple application to exercise Core Audio’s capability to work with audio metadata in files.
Using Object-Oriented Features in Objective-C
Apr 16, 2012
Learn about the messaging structure that is at the heart of Objective-C. It is not just another way of talking about the calling of methods that other languages use; it is a different way of constructing software.
Introducing Objective-C
Apr 9, 2012
This chapter offers an introduction to the Objective-C programming language, where you will learn the basics of using variables, doing arithmetic, and building algorithms with larger blocks of code involving conditionals, looping, and the use of objects such as strings.
Waiting for Siri: Why Apple's Personal Assistant Isn't on the iPad (Yet)
Mar 19, 2012
Bestselling author and TUAW.com blogger Erica Sadun explains why there are some good technical reasons preventing Apple from bringing Siri to the iPad without some fundamental development work.
New Objective-C Runtime Features in OS X 10.7 and iOS 5
Mar 6, 2012
The latest versions of the Objective-C runtimes shipped with iOS, Mac OS X, and even GNUstep provide several new features. David Chisnall looks at a few of these features.
Programming in Objective-C
Jan 23, 2012
To help you understand the steps involved in keying in a program and compiling and running it, this chapter shows you how to write your first simple Objective-C program.
Objective-C Memory Management
Jan 19, 2012
This chapter provides a broad look at memory management in Objective-C.
David Chisnall Presents a Developer's Reading List
Jan 4, 2012
Expert programmer David Chisnall provides a list of the 5 books he believes every programmer should read.

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