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Doing the Time Warp: Manipulating Date and Time in PHP 5
Oct 14, 2005
Most websites utilize the PHP date and time features only to display the current date, often just to make the website appear constantly up-to-date. Fortunately, though, the date and time features in PHP can be used to much greater effect, and this chapter details many of the possible uses for these handy tools.
Handling Strings and Arrays in PHP
Jul 29, 2005
In PHP, two types of data (strings and arrays) warrant special attention and a more complete explanation. This chapter details how and why these special data types are employed in PHP 5 with copious examples to get you started using these in your code.
PHP's Flow Control
Apr 29, 2005
In this chapter, you will learn how to vary the flow of your PHP script by using conditional statements and loops.
Writing a Story in PHP-Nuke
Feb 18, 2005
At its base, a website's function is to provide information to users, and the most simple way of doing this is a news story. This chapter explains how to format and build a news story on PHP-Nuke.
PHP 5 Advanced OOP and Design Patterns
Dec 17, 2004
This chapter covers the more advanced object-oriented features of PHP, many of which are critical when implementing large-scale OO applications.
Using Arrays in PHP
Oct 29, 2004
You are probably familiar with numerically indexed arrays if you've used any programming language, but unless you use PHP or Perl, you might not have seen associative arrays before. Associative arrays allow you to use more useful values as the index. This chapter will help you to understand the use of arrays in PHP.
PHP and the Web
Oct 8, 2004
In this chapter from Zend PHP Certification Study Guide, you'll learn how to use PHP to handle input in a web environment.
Cutting-Edge Applications in PHP 4.0
Apr 23, 2004
Learn everything you need to know about cutting-edge PHP applications, including common data formats and open standards for data exchange, remote procedure calling, platform-independent data storage, how to design, create, and set up a knowledge repository, and how to store and retrieve data.
PHP Error Handling
Apr 23, 2004
Application Design in PHP: A Real-Life Example
Jan 30, 2004
This chapter will give you an in-depth view of a real-time chat server application implemented in PHP, similar to an extended software case study.
Multiple Database Interaction in PHP 4.1
May 30, 2003
Pack it up! Follow Cosentino's instructions and make your PHP code more portable and compatible with multiple databases.
PHP Authentication Schemes
May 6, 2003
Get on your way with authenticating users in PHP format. This comprehensive look gives the necessary tools for the treatment of passwords, database access, and more in the world of PHP.
PHP Basics, Part 3: User-Defined Functions and Objects
Jan 3, 2003
In this third article in his series on PHP basics, Nick Chase shows you how to use PHP to create user-defined functions, as well as ways to create and use objects in PHP.
Jan 1, 2003
PHP Basics, Part 2: Database-Driven Pages
Nov 22, 2002
Part 1 of this series of three articles considered the basics of building a dynamic web page using PHP. This article explores using PHP to interact with a database, including creating tables and inserting, updating, and selecting data.
PHP Basics: Writing Simple PHP Applications
Nov 22, 2002
Ewald Geschwinde and Hans-Juergen Schoenig discuss how to write simple PHP applications. Learn the basics of PHP syntax as well as PHP's built-in functions.
PHP and the Document Object Model (DOM)
Oct 25, 2002
In this sample chapter, a tree-based approach of data creation and manipulation is explored. The various methods exposed by PHP to simplify interaction with the DOM are also examined, together with examples and code listings that demonstrate its capabilities.
PHP Basics, Part 1: Creating a Scripted Page
Oct 25, 2002
Learn how to build dynamic web pages with PHP in this three-part series. Part 1 starts you off with an explanation of how to create scripts for your pages.
PHP Database Integration—SQL
Oct 25, 2002
Sharing information with databases is a key requirement of most professional web pages. This lesson provides a brief introduction to SQL and explains how to connect to and access data from a SQL database.
Working with PHP's DBA Functions
Oct 18, 2002
The DBA functions provide you with a simple but powerful means of saving and accessing data. This lesson looks at these functions, and uses examples to show them in action.

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