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Managing Files with Windows XP
Jun 24, 2005
As you work with a computer creating more and more documents, you need to find a way to keep this information organized. Without a good organizational method, all your files are lumped together in one place. This chapter will help you get started organizing your files in a logical and meaningful way.
Using WSH Scripts with the Windows Management Interface
Jun 3, 2005
Network monitors — who needs them? Learn how to use the Windows Management Interface (WMI) to monitor hardware and services.
Got Sender ID?
Aug 6, 2004
Everyone is sick of spam, particularly overburdened IT managers who have to deal with it on a day-to-day basis. The Sender ID initiative could ease the burden on administrators, users, company resources, and Internet infrastructure.
Five Tweaks for Windows Servers: Speeding the Internet Experience for Users
Feb 13, 2004
Don't have room in the budget for all the bandwidth you'd like? Users griping about Internet wait times? What's an IT mom to do? What parents of modest means have always done: Plug the leaks, patch the holes, and stretch the meals with bread.
VPNs: Dial "T" for Troubleshooting
Nov 13, 2003
Rebecca Rohan continues her discussion of how to create a virtual private network without having a virtual nervous breakdown. Just because the thing is built, that doesn't mean that you're done: Next comes a little phase called "troubleshooting."
Introductory VPNs: Mapping LANs and Lines for Fewer Landmines
Oct 24, 2003
It's supposed to be a virtual private network, not a virtual nervous breakdown.
Installing Windows Server 2003
Jul 18, 2003
Explore all the possibilities for your installation of Windows Server 2003. You will get all of the helpful tips you need to complete a successful installation or upgrade.
Designing a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory
Jun 27, 2003
Even through mistakes in Active Directory design have become more forgiving than they were with Windows 2000, it is still important to thoroughly examine the various aspects of your organization to design an infrastructure that aligns with your needs. This chapter will guide you toward the domain model that is right for you.
Installing Windows Server 2003
Jun 20, 2003
Learn how to make the decisions to ensure that your installation of Windows .NET Server 2003 will meet your needs. You will also see the similarities this installation process has to those found in previous versions of Windows, and the new feature and performance enhancements that have improved the installation experience.
A Guided Tour of the Common Information Model Repository
Jan 10, 2003
This sample chapter examines the classes and associations that hold the elements of most interest to users of WMI.
MCSA Managing a Windows 2000 Network Environment: Active Directory Structure
Jan 3, 2003
This chapter covers the physical and logical structure of Active Directory deployment scenarios, as well as a basic understanding of the uses of each level of grouping in the centralized administration over widely distributed resources.
Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure Design: Analyzing Business Requirements
Jan 3, 2003
This sample chapter covers several Microsoft-specified objectives for the Analyzing Business Requirements section of the Designing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure exam.
Windows Network Troubleshooting
Nov 29, 2002
This lesson encapsulates many common properties of Windows into several "families," which make dealing with Windows much easier from a troubleshooting perspective.
Installing and Deploying Citrix ICA Clients
Oct 11, 2002
In this sample chapter, you will learn about installing and deploying the Citrix ICA client. This chapter discusses both the details of the client deployment and client setup that you need to know for your Citrix MetaFrame users.
Windows NT Server Consolidation and Performance Improvements with Solaris PC NetLink 2.0 Software
Sep 20, 2002
This article focuses on best practices to help data center managers meet cost reduction goals in supporting multiple users accessing servers through PC clients.
Climbing the Mountain to 24/7 Data Access
Sep 13, 2002
Learn how cluster servers meet the needs of performance and scalability, and the needs of reliability and availability.
Administering Windows 2000 Professional Resources
Aug 9, 2002
Review the administration topics covered in the Implementing and Conducting Administration of Resources section of Microsoft's Windows 2000 Professional exam (70-210).
Planning a Migration to Windows 2000
Jul 12, 2002
Learn how to design and implement a move to Windows 2000. Topics include DNS considerations, planning functions, basics of group policy, and interactions with Active Directory.
Linux and Windows Interoperability: Planning and Deploying a Network
Jun 28, 2002
Learn how the unified services of Windows 2000 and Linux support a variety of networking services. Design, set up, and deploy a successful network for the fictitious company Elsolutions.
Understanding Active Directory, Part VI
Jun 7, 2002
The sixth article in this series on Active Directory issues examines API operations, administrative security, and trust relationships.

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