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Accessing iPhone's GPS, Acceleration, and Other Native Functions with QuickConnect
Jun 25, 2009
Lee Barney shows how to activate several desirable features of iPhone or iPod Touch devices from within your JavaScript application.
Accustoming Yourself to JavaScript
Dec 12, 2012
As approachable as JavaScript is, mastering the language takes more time, and requires a deeper understanding of its semantics, its idiosyncrasies, and its most effective idioms. This first chapter begins with some of the most fundamental topics.
An Introduction to Data Visualization in JavaScript: How to Use Data-Joins in D3
Sep 12, 2014
Data-joins are the bread and butter of D3. This chapter from Visual Storytelling with D3: An Introduction to Data Visualization in JavaScript covers how to use data-joins to add elements to a webpage and then manipulate them with data.
An Introduction to JavaScript Debugging
Jan 21, 2013
Novice programmers, or those migrating from other languages, usually find the JavaScript language fairly accessible, with plenty of available help and advice on how to get started developing programs. Unfortunately, the many articles and tutorials on coding rarely give much advice on what to do when code doesn't run correctly. In this article, Phil Ballard, author of Sams Teach Yourself JavaScript in 24 Hours, 5th Edition, introduces some simple but valuable methods for analyzing and debugging your JavaScript code, to make your programming time more productive and less frustrating.
An Overview of CoffeeScript
Aug 14, 2012
David Chisnall follows on his look at Dart to examine a more conservative approach to improving on JavaScript as a web development language: CoffeeScript.
An Overview of Dart, Part 1
Jul 30, 2012
David Chisnall takes an initial look at Dart, a language from Google designed as a possible replacement to JavaScript in for rich web applications.
An Overview of Dart, Part 2
Aug 6, 2012
David Chisnall continues his look at Dart, focusing on some of the features that make the language distinct from JavaScript.
AngularJS Fundamental Concepts for Building Web Applications: Part 1
Aug 12, 2014
In Part 1 of a two-part series, Jesse Smith gives you a solid introduction to AngularJS and how the framework is used to create simple web applications.
AngularJS Fundamental Concepts for Building Web Applications: Part 2
Aug 19, 2014
In Part 2 of this series, programming expert Jesse Smith continues his discussion of AngularJS by exploring modules and services.
Be a Better Java Programmer: A Reading List by Binu John
Oct 3, 2011
Java performance expert Binu John shares 6 of the most important books in his programming library and explains why each is so valuable.
Beginning the Process of Writing Scripts
Apr 11, 2003
Approach your first script the right way by planning, implementing and then testing it properly. Walk through a simple (yet a step above "Hello World"), detailed example to build a solid scripting foundation.
Building Windows Store Apps with with HTML5 and JavaScript
Feb 20, 2014
This chapter teaches the basics of building Windows Store apps, showing how to take advantage of the features of Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 to build, run, and debug a Windows Store app.
Charlie Hunt on Java Performance Monitoring and Tuning
Oct 4, 2011
Steven Haines and Charlie Hunt, co-author of Java Performance, talk about performance issues, application monitoring, scalability vs performance, and the impact cloud computing has on application monitoring and performance management.
CoffeeScript in a Nutshell, Part 1: An Introduction to CoffeeScript
Sep 11, 2013
Jeff Friesen introduces you to CoffeeScript and shows you how to obtain and use the CoffeeScript compiler.
CoffeeScript in a Nutshell, Part 2: CoffeeScript Language Basics
Sep 11, 2013
Jeff Friesen introduces the basic language features of CoffeeScript that you must understand before diving into advanced language features.
CoffeeScript in a Nutshell, Part 3: CoffeeScript Functions and Classes
Sep 11, 2013
One of CoffeeScript's key strengths is that almost everything is an expression. In addition to learning about this concept in Part 3 of Jeff Friesen's four-part series on CoffeeScript, you explore CoffeeScript's new and improved operators, destructuring assignments, decisions, and loops (including 'for' comprehensions).
CoffeeScript in a Nutshell, Part 4: Developing Applications
Sep 11, 2013
This final installment of Jeff Friesen's CoffeeScript series introduces you to classes and several additional language features: function binding, block regular expressions, closures, and embedded JavaScript.
Creating Cross-Platform Java and JavaScript Games with Amino
Oct 17, 2011
James Williams, author of Learning HTML5 Game Programming, introduces the cross-platform Amino scene graph API, which allows you to create applications in JavaScript and Java. Follow along as he uses Amino to create a binary clock.
Creating Cross-Platform Java and JavaScript Games with Amino, Part 2
Dec 1, 2011
James Williams, author of Learning HTML5 Game Programming, continues his examination of how to use Amino to create cross-platform applications in JavaScript and Java. Learn how to use Amino to start and end a 'War.'
Debugging JavaScript in Dreamweaver
Oct 18, 2002
Although JavaScript works well for client-side scripting, identifying and fixing errors in the code can be difficult. Dreamweaver's JavaScript Debugger comes to the rescue: Find out how to find and fix incorrect JavaScript code here.

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