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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Chapter Review

  1. Is running a network only a matter of network management technology, or are there other considerations?
  2. What does Pat's employer use to track the resolution of problems in the network?
  3. How does the integration of the work order system with the trouble ticket system make Pat's job easier?
  4. Which network provider do you think will be more vulnerable to human failures by operations personnel, Pat's or Chris's?
  5. Which of the following can be used as management tools? A. alarm management system, B. spreadsheet, C. pencil and piece of paper, D. all of them.
  6. In how many different places does Chris need to maintain the same phone number, and why could this be an issue?
  7. When Chris is worried about compromised security of his company's network, does the threat come from outside attackers or from within the network?
  8. Connectivity between different company sites is provided by an outside MSP. Why is Chris nevertheless concerned with monitoring traffic statistics across these outside connections?
  9. When Sandy wants to implement a security policy for the Internet Data Center, at what different levels does she take security into account?
  10. Why is Sandy interested in "old" performance data and traffic statistics, even though she is not monitoring actual network operations?
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