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What Good Looks Like

At the developer level, a MAGE team experience should be minimally different from that of a small Scrum team. There will be more time spent:

  • Addressing dependencies

  • Merging changes for a single review build

  • Scrum of Scrums and community of practice meetings

Over time, improved practices and Backlog and team formations will reduce this overhead. However, the main benefit of MAGE is avoiding the typical dysfunctions introduced by large game projects. MAGE teams and developers should

  • Have a shared vision across the entire game

  • Have autonomy at the feature level to introduce improved practices and allow creative input

  • Be engaged in their work and understand how their work contributes to the whole

  • Allow stakeholders to have transparency of the progress of the game, eliminating the need to react by “dumping resources” or imposing end-of-project crunch because of late emergence

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