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8.8 Key Terms and Review Questions

Key Terms

Review Questions

  • 1. What are the main elements of the online ecosystem for personal data?

  • 2. What security features are built into HTTPS?

  • 3. How does a web application firewall function?

  • 4. What are the main elements of the mobile app ecosystem?

  • 5. List major security concerns for mobile devices.

  • 6. What is mobile app vetting?

  • 7. List and briefly define major privacy risks for web applications.

  • 8. What are some of the major privacy/security threats for the use of mobile apps?

  • 9. What are the online privacy principles defined by the FTC?

  • 10. What are the elements and subelements of the FTC online privacy framework?

  • 11. List and briefly describe the main factors that contribute to the ineffectiveness of current web privacy notices.

  • 12. List and briefly define the dimensions of a privacy notice design space.

  • 13. Define the various types of cookies.

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