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Hiring is one of the most important jobs, if not the most important job, you’ll do as a programming manager. It needs to be treated with both care and purpose. Just as in a project, you’re unlikely to get it right without getting good requirements down first. In fact, for critical positions or in a hot hiring climate you’ll need to treat it like a project, setting short deadlines for yourself for each step: identifying candidates, phone screening them, moving them along or rejecting them, interviewing them face-to-face, making a decision, and presenting your offer. Leverage your team and your network to bring in prequalified candidates. Choose your interviewing team with care. Mete out assignments—interviewing objectives—to each member of the team, and make sure they understand how important you think their participation is to hiring the right person.

And remember that while hiring is an event, recruiting is a part of your job you should always have turned “on.”

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