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Using the Product Vision to Enliven Team Purpose, Focus, and Identity

The Product Vision expresses the raison d’etre of the product—who it is for, and what it hopes to do for them. It is important when defining and funding the product, but it also has value in bringing purpose and focus to the Scrum Team and helping them form their identity. Returning to this vision periodically is a useful way to remind everyone on the team why the team exists.5 Various related techniques help the team shape and reinforce their identity:

  • Product value. A clear understanding of value helps a team understand the why behind their work and how to validate whether their work is contributing value. Knowing the value in a tangible way (e.g., revenue, market share, customer satisfaction) goes a long way toward instilling a sense of purpose.

  • Personas. Personas help a team understand users and customers better, so as to develop empathy for them. This ultimately helps team members see the purpose in their work and create better solutions. Some teams post their persona descriptions around their work environment as a continual reminder of the people they are working to help.6

  • Product Roadmap. A Product Roadmap is a visual representation of the high-level plan intended to help a team see the direction of the product over time. The more a roadmap focuses on business objectives and business value, the more it provides a solid purpose.

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