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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book


The Linux operating system makes use of group accounts to control access to key components, including files and directories. In this chapter, you learned how to manage these group accounts. This included how to create, modify, and delete group accounts, as well as how to use special group account features such as User Private Groups and group administrators.

Key Terms

group account

primary group

secondary group

UID, user ID

GID, group ID

special groups

UPG, User Private Group

Review Questions

  1. Every user is a member of at least _____ group(s).

  2. Which of the following commands will display the groups that the user nick is a member of?

    1. id

    2. groupinfo

    3. info groups

    4. groups

  3. Which files are used to store group information?

    1. /etc/groupoinfo

    2. /etc/shadow

    3. /etc/groups

    4. /etc/gshadow

  4. Special groups are groups with GID numbers typically under the numeric value of _____.

  5. If the system is using UPG, the group name of the user account named jake should be _____.

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