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What Is Product Management?

Figure 1-3 shows the different layers of planning within an organization that develops products of any kind. At the core of any Scrum-based approach is a daily plan within a Sprint plan. (Sprints and Sprint Planning are described in Chapters 5 and 6.) Both these plans belong to the Development Team that is doing the work. They have autonomy in developing a plan on how to best meet the Sprint Goal and inspect and adapt that plan every day.

Figure 1-3

Figure 1-3 The different layers of planning

The two outside planning layers are the overall company vision and business strategy. Both are typically owned by an executive team or CEO, who establishes and communicates a company-wide vision and promotes an overall strategy under that vision.

In between the larger organizational goals and the work that Development Teams do day-to-day is a gap (see Figure 1-4).

Figure 1-4

Figure 1-4 The Product Management Vacuum

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