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What Do you Need to Get Started with Nexus?

Nexus is based on the Scrum Framework and adds minimal events, roles, and artifacts to increase transparency, communication, and collaboration among teams. The new Nexus events, roles, and artifacts help ensure a successfully Integrated Increment is developed. Just like with Scrum, you don’t need much to get started with Nexus. And just like with Scrum, Nexus is simple to learn but hard to master. Here are the minimal but required prerequisites you will need to implement Nexus.

You should have

  • ✓ Scrum experience.

  • ✓ A single Product Backlog, and a single Product Owner, for a single Product.

  • ✓ Identified teams that will be in a Nexus. They should have an overview of the Nexus Framework.

  • ✓ Identified members who will make up the NIT for the Nexus.

  • ✓ A definition of “Done.”

  • ✓ Identified Sprint cadence.

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