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Nexus Extends Scrum

Nexus is Scrum, with some small additions (see Table 2-1).

  • It adds one additional Artifact: the Nexus Sprint Backlog. Nexus Sprint Backlog is the Nexus’ plan for the Sprint; it helps the Nexus understand what Scrum Teams are working on and makes any dependencies transparent that may exist between the teams during the Sprint.

  • It adds five additional Events: Refinement, Nexus Sprint Planning, the Nexus Daily Scrum, the Nexus Sprint Review, and the Nexus Sprint Retrospective. These additional events extend Scrum to ensure that work is divided and coordinated across Scrum Teams in the most effective manner possible, and to share experiences across teams in the Nexus.

  • It removes the individual Scrum Team Sprint Review, in favor of the Nexus Sprint Review. Since Scrum Teams in a Nexus work together to produce a single Integrated Increment, that Integrated Increment should be reviewed as a whole.

  • It adds a new Role: the Nexus Integration Team. The Nexus Integration Team (NIT) exists to promote and provide transparent accountability for integration in a Nexus. It coaches and guides the application of Nexus with the Scrum Teams as well as within the organization. The NIT consists of the Product Owner of the product, a Scrum Master, and NIT members who are usually members of the Scrum Teams in the Nexus, but may come from other functional areas in the organization such as Operations, Security, Architecture, or other specialist areas that may help the Nexus deliver an Integrated Increment. These “outside” members may be temporary members who join the NIT for as long as is necessary.

Table 2-1 Nexus Roles, Events, and Artifacts

Roles Events Artifacts
Development Teams The Sprint Product Backlog
Product Owner Nexus Sprint Planning * Nexus Sprint Backlog *
Scrum Master Sprint Planning Sprint Backlog
Nexus Integration Team * Nexus Daily Scrum * Integrated Increment
Daily Scrum
Nexus Sprint Review *
Nexus Sprint Retrospective *
Sprint Retrospective
Refinement *
* Nexus specific
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