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Thinking Ahead to Developing HTML5 Applications

I’m not going to lie—there’s a pretty big difference between a basic website built with HTML, CSS, and a little JavaScript, and comprehensive applications that use some of the advanced features of HTML5 and the latest JavaScript frameworks. But it’s important to your understanding of HTML, the language of the Web, to have some idea of just how far you can extend it (it’s pretty far, as it turns out). Beyond basic markup, HTML5 extends to include APIs (application programming interfaces) for complex applications, beginning with the native integration of audio and video elements, as you learned in previous chapters, and going all the way to built-in offline storage mechanisms that allow full-blown applications to be accessed and run (and data stored on the client side) even without a network connection.

Although HTML5 is incredibly rich, the creation of highly interactive HTML5 websites and applications—including mobile applications—doesn’t happen in isolation. Interactivity comes when HTML5 is paired with a client-side language such as JavaScript, which then reaches back into the server and talks to a server-side language such as PHP (and others) through a persistent connection called a web socket. With this connection open and talking to some server-side code that is, for example, talking to a database or performing some calculation, the browser can relay a bundle of information that is additionally processed by JavaScript and finally rendered in HTML5. Be it a video game, a word processing program, or an email or Twitter client, just to name a few types of applications, the combination of the advanced features of HTML5 plus JavaScript really makes the opportunities limitless when it comes to application creation.

In this book, you’ll learn key features of technologies involved in HTML5 application creation, and the foundation you will have in standards-compliant HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and PHP development will serve you well once you think outside the box containing the lessons in this book.

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