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Setting up a private Docker registry gives you the ability to push and pull images without using the public Docker Hub Registry. This chapter described two different ways of setting up a Docker registry for yourself.

For Linux distributions that have a docker-registry package available (such as Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux), you can install that package and start up the docker-registry service using the systemctl command. As an alternative, any system running the Docker service can pull and run the registry image, available from the Docker Hub Registry, to offer a private Docker registry.

Besides describing how to set up your own Docker registry, the chapter included a description of how the Docker image namespace works, with the Docker Hub Registry as its centerpiece. Proposed modifications to that model have been implemented in Fedora and other Red Hat sponsored operating systems and are being discussed in the Docker community. These modifications give users the ability to change which registries are set up to be used with search and pull requests from the Docker service.

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