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Short Answer Questions

  1. What are the three principal types of diagrams used by process engineers to describe the flow of chemicals in a process? On which of these diagrams would you expect to see the following items?
    1. The temperature and pressure of a process stream
    2. An overview of a multiple-unit process
    3. A major control loop
    4. A pressure indicator
    5. A pressure-relief valve
  2. A problem has occurred in the measuring element of a level-indicating controller in a batch reactor. To what principal diagram should you refer in order to troubleshoot the problem?
  3. Why is it important for a process engineer to be able to review a three-dimensional model (actual or virtual/electronic) of the plant prior to the construction phase of a project?
  4. Name five things that would affect the locations of different pieces of equipment when determining the layout of equipment in a process unit.
  5. Why are accurate plant models (made of plastic parts) no longer made as part of the design process? What function did these models play and how is this function now achieved?
  6. In the context of process modeling tools, what do OTS and ITS stand for?
  7. What is augmented reality? Give one example of it.
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