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Additional Reading

DeMarco, Tom, and Timothy Lister. 1999. Peopleware: Productive projects and teams. 2nd ed. Dorset House.

  • It is impossible to say enough good things about this book. I remember the day in 1989 when my CEO told me, "After reading Peopleware this weekend, I am going to completely change our development group." She did, and the group excelled because of it. This book is full of advice on helping teams achieve their fullest potential.

Goldberg, Adele, and Kenneth S. Rubin. 1995. Succeeding with objects: Decision frameworks for project management. Addison-Wesley Professional.

  • This book precedes the agile movement but still contains some of the best advice on various team structures. Two chapters include a summary of various team structure options, how to choose among them, and case studies of how six teams chose to organize.

Hackman, J. Richard. 2002. Leading Teams: Setting the stage for great performances. Harvard Business School Press.

  • The premise of this book is that a leader's job is to design and support teams that can manage themselves. It includes an excellent chapter ("Enabling Structure") on how to structure teams.
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