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In this chapter we've looked at why Scrum teams should be kept small and used the analogy of being able to feed each team with two pizzas. To further enhance a team's ability to rapidly, correctly, and efficiently develop software products, we also considered whether teams should be structured around features or components. We concluded that in structuring multiple teams, we should seek to favor feature teams and try to avoid the use of component teams, while acknowledging they will occasionally be appropriate.

Next we dispensed with the myth that a self-organizing team is a random collection of individuals. As with any team, team members should be chosen with effort and care. We also looked in detail at the need to structure teams in such a way as to minimize the need for individuals to belong to two or more teams. Finally, we concluded with nine guidelines for structuring teams.

In the next chapter we turn our attention to the subject of teamwork. We look specifically at what the members of a single, two-pizza team can do to work well together during a sprint.

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