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Understanding the activities that testers perform on agile teams helps you show your own team the value that testers can add. Learning the core practices of agile testing will help your team deliver software that delights your customers.

In this chapter, we’ve explained what we mean when we use the term “agile testing.

  • We showed how the Agile Manifesto relates to testing, with its emphasis on individuals and interactions, working software, customer collaboration, and responding to change.
  • We provided some context for this book, including some other terms we use such as “tester,” “programmer,” “customer,” and related terms so that we can speak a common language.
  • We explained how agile testing, with its focus on business value and delivering the quality customers require, is different from traditional testing, which focuses on conformance to requirements.
  • We introduced the “whole-team” approach to agile testing, which means that everyone involved with delivering software is responsible for delivering high-quality software.
  • We advised taking a practical approach by applying agile values and principles to overcome agile testing obstacles that arise in your unique situation.
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