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Existing Change Models: Why the Traditional Healthcare Models Are Struggling
By Ian D. Wedgwood
Mar 16, 2015
Performance (and performance improvement for that matter) in healthcare is not where it needs to be. Instead of critiquing the solutions implemented and working from there, Ian D. Wedgwood looks instead at the improvement methodologies used, in this chapter from Lean Sigma--Rebuilding Capability in Healthcare.
Working with Strings in Ruby
By Hal Fulton, Andrรฉ Arko
Mar 16, 2015
A string is simply a sequence of characters. Like most entities in Ruby, strings are first-class objects. In everyday programming, we need to manipulate strings in many ways. We want to concatenate strings, tokenize them, analyze them, perform searches and substitutions, and more. In this chapter from The Ruby Way: Solutions and Techniques in Ruby Programming, 3rd Edition, Hal Fulton and André Arko show you how Ruby makes most of these tasks easy.
What's Up, Docs? Find the Right Xcode Documentation, Exactly When You Need It
By Erica Sadun
Mar 12, 2015
Apple-supplied documentation provides important development support, but many developers don't discover the full extent of help available within Xcode and online. Erica Sadun, bestselling author of dozens of books on programming, dives a little deeper to show you some power tips for finding just the right documentation.
Preface to Security in Computing, 5th Edition
By Charles P. Pfleeger, Jonathan Margulies, Shari Lawrence Pfleeger
Mar 11, 2015
The authors of Security in Computing, 5th Edition discuss the changes they have made to their well-regarded book in the fifth edition.
Using AngularJS with MongoDB
By Jesse Smith
Mar 11, 2015
Jesse Smith shows you how to use MongoDB with your Angular JS applications.
Network Implementation of Protocols and Services
By Diane Barrett, Kirk Hausman, Martin Weiss
Mar 10, 2015
This chapter from CompTIA Security+ SY0-401 Exam Cram, 4th Edition discusses how to use the proper network implementation of protocols and services as a tool to protect and mitigate threats against network infrastructure based on organizational needs. It also has a section specifically dedicated to wireless security implementation based on organization requirements.
Launching iOS Applications Via URL
By Wei-Meng Lee
Mar 9, 2015
When a visitor to your website has iOS apps on her device, a little bit of coding can let you take advantage of that situation, starting her device's native apps for a better user experience. Wei-Meng Lee shows how to take advantage of these iOS capabilities. Her device doesn't have the appropriate app? Your site's programming can detect that sales opportunity, displaying a banner that lets her view your app on the Apple Store and (if desired) automatically and immediately install it.
Automate Your Development: Build Code Diagnostics and Code Fixes with the .NET Compiler Platform APIs
By Bill Wagner
Mar 5, 2015
An important feature of the API framework in the Visual Studio 2015 compiler is the capability to create your own diagnostic, code fix, and refactoring projects. Bill Wagner, author of Effective C#: 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your C#, Second Edition, shows how you can use these APIs to automate everyday tasks such as finding code that lacks enclosing braces - and then adding them automatically.
Video: Java Reflection Tutorial: Accessing Array Elements
By Paul Anderson
Mar 5, 2015
In this video excerpt from Java Reflection LiveLessons (Video Training), Paul Anderson talks about accessing Array elements using setters and getters.
By Benjamin Rosenzweig, Elena Rakhimov
Mar 4, 2015
In this chapter from Oracle PL/SQL by Example, 5th Edition, learn how to make use of variables and the various ways to populate variables. This chapter also covers transactional control in PL/SQL by explaining what it means to commit data as well as how SAVEPOINTs are used.
Working with Data Models in MongoDB
By Jesse Smith
Mar 4, 2015
Jesse Smith shows you how data models work in MongoDB and how they differ from relational databases.
Video: Working with Big Data: How to Write Data Into the Hadoop File System
By Paul Dix
Mar 3, 2015
In this video excerpt from Working with Big Data LiveLessons (Video Training): Infrastructure, Algorithms, and Visualizations, Paul Dix shows you how to copy files up to Hadoop using a StackExchange public data dump as an example.
Get to Know Your Amazon Fire Phone
By Lonzell Watson
Mar 2, 2015
In this chapter from My Amazon Fire Phone, you learn about the external and internal features of the Amazon Fire phone and the basics of getting started.
Scanning Barcodes Using the AV Foundation Framework
By Wei-Meng Lee
Mar 2, 2015
In addition to playing video and audio files, the iOS 7 AV Foundation Framework APIs let you use your iOS device's camera for scanning. Wei-Meng Lee shows how to create an application to scan barcodes.
Taking and Editing Pictures with Your Android Tablet
By Craig James Johnston
Feb 27, 2015
In this chapter from My Android Tablet, you learn how to take pictures with your Android tablet, how to store them, and how to share them with friends.
Four Key Mistakes Organizations Make in Enterprise Security
By Diana L. Burley
Feb 26, 2015
If recent data breaches at major organizations left you feeling a little exposed, you're right to be alarmed. Most places aren't really as protected against intrusion as they think. Diana L. Burley, Ph.D., co-author of Enterprise Software Security: A Confluence of Disciplines, points out ways in which organizations unknowingly leave themselves open to security breaches, and what to do about it.
Video: Python Guide for the Total Beginner: How to Group Items in Lists
By Katie Cunningham
Feb 26, 2015
In this excerpt from Python Guide for the Total Beginner LiveLessons (Video Training), Katie Cunningham shows you how to group items into lists in Python.
Performing CRUD Operations with MongoDB
By Jesse Smith
Feb 25, 2015
Jesse Smith shows you how Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) operations with MongoDB are easy using Mongo Query methods with JSON-like syntax.
The MMIX Supplement to The Art of Computer Programming: Programming Techniques
By Martin Ruckert
Feb 25, 2015
In this excerpt from The MMIX Supplement: Supplement to The Art of Computer Programming Volumes 1, 2, 3 by Donald E. Knuth, Martin Ruckert discusses various programming techniques, including index variables, fields, relative addresses, bit stuffing, loop unrolling, subroutines, and reporting errors.
Video: Java Performance: Tune the HotSpot JVM Step-by-Step
By Charlie Hunt
Feb 24, 2015
In this video excerpt from Java Performance LiveLessons (Video Training), Charlie Hunt describes a high level step-by-step JVM tuning process that you can use to tune the Java Virtual Machine.

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