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Choosing the Right SQL Server 2016 High Availability Approaches
By Paul Bertucci, Raju Shreewastava
Sep 7, 2017
Two data experts explicitly define a formal design approach to be used as a roadmap to navigate the appropriate high availability solution for various business scenarios.
Getting Content into your Unreal Engine 4 Pipeline
By Tom Shannon
Sep 3, 2017
Virtual Reality developer Tom Shannon shows you how UE4 imports and processes 2D and 3D content from other applications and provides some ideas how to integrate that into your existing pipelines.
Basic Theories of Game Design
By Jeremy Gibson Bond
Sep 2, 2017
Professor Jeremy Gibson Bond outlines the basic theories of game design and development and walks you through a game design exercise.
Why Workforce Analytics?
By Nigel Guenole, Sheri Feinzig, Jonathan Ferrar
Jul 22, 2017

Learn why you should be applying Workforce Analytics to improve your business performance.

Introduction to Java 9 Classes, Objects, Methods and Strings
By Paul J. Deitel, Harvey Deitel
Jul 21, 2017

Popular trainers and instructors, Paul and Harvey Deitel, walk you through the Classes, Objects, Methods, and Strings in Java 9.

Python 3 Data Structures
By Doug Hellmann
Jul 20, 2017

Communications director of the Python Software Foundation, Doug Hellman, covers covers two modules in Python related to memory management.

Python 3 Dictionaries, Oh Lovely Dictionaries
By Zed A. Shaw
Jul 19, 2017

Learn about the Dictionary data structure in Python.

Python Functions and Files
By Zed A. Shaw
Jul 18, 2017

Work through an exercise that demonstrates how Python functions and files can work together to make useful stuff.

Data Reshaping with the R Programming Language
By Jared P. Lander
Jul 12, 2017
Data Scientist Jared Lander discusses how combining multiple datasets, whether by stacking or joining, is commonly necessary as is changing the shape of data.
Git Essentials
By William "Bo" Rothwell
May 6, 2017
Learn the concepts of GIT including: revision control concepts, GIT installation, and GIT features.
Create a Scene in Blender
By Oliver Villar
Apr 27, 2017

Learn how to create objects; interact with them; add modifiers, materials, and lights; and then render your creation in Blender, a free and open source 3D creation suite.

Deploying Hadoop
By Jeffrey Aven
Apr 27, 2017

Learn how to install and deploy Hadoop using commercial distributions and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Elements of Programming
By Robert Sedgewick, Kevin Wayne
Apr 27, 2017

Writing your first program is easier than writing a paragraph of text! Just a few building blocks suffice to enable us to write programs that can help solve all sorts of fascinating, but otherwise unapproachable, problems.

By Michael L. Shuler, Matthew DeLisa, Fikret Kargi
Apr 27, 2017

A discussion of enzymes from the textbook Bioprocess Engineering: Basic Concepts, 3rd Edition

System Control
By Joseph J. LaViola
Apr 27, 2017

This chapter from 3D User Interfaces focuses on different system control techniques that can be used to change application state, issue commands and provide overall input to a 3D application.

Automating Virtualization
By Jeff Victor, Gary Combs, Bob Netherton, Jeff Savit
Mar 25, 2017

Learn how virtualization management tools Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center and OpenStack can facilitate the process of automating virtualization.

Logging In, Starting Up, And Shutting Down Windows 10 Anniversary Edition With a Touchscreen
By Mark Edward Soper
Mar 25, 2017

Learn how to use the features of Table mode in Windows 10

Character Inverse Kinematics
By Mitch McCaffrey
Mar 22, 2017

Creator of the community Virtual Reality (VR) Template for UE4, Mitch McCaffrey, discusses techniques built into Unreal Engine for interpolating the user’s current pose from known information about the player’s location.

CPU: Pitfalls and Techniques
By Marcel Weiher
Mar 22, 2017

Software Engineer Marcel Weiher discusses how Objective-C can achieve both best-of-breed performance and high levels of expressiveness and productivity in the iOS and macOS platforms.

Engineering the Power Delivery Network
By Larry D. Smith, Eric Bogatin
Mar 22, 2017

Get a high-level overview of the Power Delivery Network (PDN)

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