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Managing Trust in Distributed Teams
By Pat Brans
Aug 19, 2014
With worldwide access available and relatively inexpensive via the Internet and modern technologies, many organizations are puzzling their way through learning how best to work with individuals and groups in multiple locations and time zones. Any kind of diversity in a team adds to the manager's complications, but building trust between individuals is the biggest problem of all. Pat Brans examines the unique trust issues involved in managing a distributed team.
Introduction to Understanding Big Data Scalability
By Cory Isaacson
Aug 18, 2014
This introduction describes the goals of the Big Data Scalability four-volume series, focusing on the underlying growth of databases (the "data explosion") and providing some background into big data's relevance.
Why We Need Another C++ Conference
By Jon Kalb
Aug 18, 2014
Jon Kalb, the conference coordinator for CPPCon, talks about how the conference came to be, and the value of meeting face to face in this age of easy digital connectivity.
Preface to The Art of Computer Programming, Volume 3: Sorting and Searching, 2nd Edition
By Donald E. Knuth
Aug 15, 2014
To mark the release of the official multi-format ebook of Donald Knuth's Art of Computer Programming, Volume 3: Sorting and Searching, 2nd Edition, we are pleased to make available the preface.
Introduction to Programming in C, Fourth Edition
By Stephen G. Kochan
Aug 14, 2014
Stephan G. Kochan provides some background about the C programming language and describes the contents and organization of the fourth edition of his book, Programming in C.
Virtualizing SQL Server with VMware: Architecting for Performance: Storage
By Michael Corey, Jeff Szastak, Michael Webster
Aug 14, 2014
This chapter from Virtualizing SQL Server with VMware: Doing IT Right first covers the key aspects of storage architecture relevant to both physical and virtual environments as well as the differences you need to understand when architecting storage, specifically for virtualized SQL Server Databases.
Working with Office for iPad Graphics
By Paul McFedries
Aug 13, 2014
In this chapter from My Office for iPad, you learn various techniques for drawing, inserting, and working with graphics such as lines, shapes, and photos.
AngularJS Fundamental Concepts for Building Web Applications: Part 1
By Jesse Smith
Aug 12, 2014
In Part 1 of a two-part series, Jesse Smith gives you a solid introduction to AngularJS and how the framework is used to create simple web applications.
Administrator's Guide to VMware Virtual SAN: Introduction to VSAN
By Cormac Hogan, Duncan Epping
Aug 11, 2014
This chapter introduces you to the world of the software-defined datacenter, but with a focus on the storage aspect.
Cisco Data Center Fabrics and Application Centric Infrastructure
By Lucien Avramov
Aug 11, 2014
In this video Lucien Avramov explains how he can help you learn what's new in data center architecture and how to evolve your job as data center architect.
iOS Developer's Cookbook: Painting Sprite Kit
By Erica Sadun
Aug 11, 2014
Don't waste time wallpapering your Sprite Kit scenes. Focus your time on actual game design and debugging. Simple class extensions enable you to apply UIKit pattern colors and images to your Sprite Kit nodes.
Introducing Learning Labs: A New Way to Learn Programming
By Jennifer Kyrnin, Phil Ballard, Brad Dayley
Aug 9, 2014
In this interview with Jennifer Kyrnin, Brad Dayley, and Phil Ballard, authors of HTML5 Mobile Application Development in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself (Learning Lab), jQuery and JavaScript in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself (Learning Lab), and JavaScript in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself (Learning Lab), respectively, answer some questions about this new format and what you can learn from it.
Fluent Windows 8.1 App Development: Jumping into the Deep End
By Rebecca M. Riordan
Aug 7, 2014
In this chapter from Fluent Windows 8.1 App Development, you'll jump in at the deep end and build a complete Win8 app so that when we do start working on the details, you’ll know where and how they fit.
Preface to Foundations of Software and System Performance Engineering: Process, Performance Modeling, Requirements, Testing, Scalability, and Practice
By André B. Bondi
Aug 7, 2014
In this preface to Foundations of Software and System Performance Engineering: Process, Performance Modeling, Requirements, Testing, Scalability, and Practice, André B. Bondi talks about the scope and purpose of his book, which discusses the practice of the performance engineering of software systems and software-controlled systems.
Introduction to Polymer Science
By Joel R. Fried
Aug 6, 2014
This chapter introduces the basics of polymer science, including classification of polymers, polymer structure, molecular weight, chemical structure, and thermal transitions.
CompTIA Security+ SY0-401 Authorized Cert Guide: OS Hardening and Virtualization
By David L. Prowse
Aug 5, 2014
This chapter focuses on the hardening of operating systems and the securing of virtual operating systems and will help you prepare for the CompTIA Security+ SY0-401 exam.
Introduction to Core HTML5 2D Game Programming
By David Geary
Aug 5, 2014
Learn how to implement a full-fledged HTML5 video game so that you can learn how to create one of your own. In this chapter, David Geary looks at the game Snail Bait from a high level to get a feel for its features and to understand some of the best practices it implements.
Joomla! Content Explained
By Stephen Burge
Aug 5, 2014
This chapter from Joomla! 3 Explained: Your Step-by-Step Guide, 2nd Edition explains the easiest and fastest way to add content to a Joomla site. If you follow this workflow, it will make your Joomla life very easy.
Xcode File Tricks
By Erica Sadun
Aug 4, 2014
Take charge of Xcode by learning essential file management tricks. You can discover ways to unbreak your heart and fix some red in your Xcode projects.
Game Design Prototyping: Introducing the Unity Development Environment
By Jeremy Gibson
Aug 1, 2014
This chapter discusses the game development tool Unity and explains why it is a great game development tool. It also looks at the sample project included with Unity and describes the Unity interface.

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