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The World of iPad Apps
By Gary Rosenzweig, Gary Eugene Jones
Dec 15, 2014
In this chapter from My iPad for Seniors, 2nd Edition, you learn how to go beyond the basic functionality of your iPad, and add more apps using the App Store.
Video: Test Driven Development, Refactoring and Pair Programming: Incremental Design
By Bryan Beecham
Dec 15, 2014
Bryan Beecham, author of Test Driven Development, Refactoring and Pair Programming LiveLessons (Workshop), explains how incremental design ultimately allows for easier and faster feature development over time in a software project.
How Search Marketing Works
By Mike Moran, Bill Hunt
Dec 12, 2014
To maximize the number of searchers coming to your site, however, you must take specific actions to attract visitors to your site from search sites. That’s search marketing. This chapter from Search Engine Marketing, Inc.: Driving Search Traffic to Your Company's Website, 3rd Edition explains why search marketing is important, why it is difficult, what search marketing is, and how to get started.
Preface to The Java Tutorial: A Short Course on the Basics, Sixth Edition
By Raymond Gallardo, Joni Gordon, Scott Hommel, Sowmya Kannan, Sharon Biocca Zakhour
Dec 12, 2014
This preface to The Java Tutorial: A Short Course on the Basics, 6th Edition discuss who the book is written for, the new features added to the platform, and how to get the most out of Java using this tutorial.
Video: Git and GitHub Workshop: Introducing Rebasing
By Peter Bell
Dec 12, 2014
You can use Git effectively without using Rebase, but it can improve the quality of experience when collaborating with people. Peter Bell introduces Git Rebase in this video excerpt from Git and GitHub LiveLessons (Workshop).
Configuring an iPhone to Suit Your Preferences
By Brad Miser
Dec 11, 2014
In this chapter from My iPhone for Seniors (Covers iOS 8 for iPhone 6/6 Plus, 5S/5C/5, and 4S), you learn how to customize your iPhone, including how to adjust brightness, security and privacy settings, keyboard, language and format options, and more.
NoSQL Databases: An Overview
By Pramod J. Sadalage
Dec 11, 2014
Pramod Sadalage provides an overview of NoSQL databases, explaining what NoSQL is, types of NoSQL databases, and why and how to choose a NoSQL database.
Surfing the Web on the iPad
By Gary Rosenzweig
Dec 10, 2014
The iPad is a beautiful web surfing device. Its size is perfect for web pages, and your ability to touch the screen lets you interact with content in a way that even a computer typically cannot. In this chapter from My iPad, 7th Edition, you learn about Safari, the browser built in to the iPad. You can use it to browse the Web, bookmark web pages, fill in forms, and search the Internet.
Video: Linux Web Operations Tutorial: Designing Web Application Infrastructure
By Ben Whaley
Dec 10, 2014
In this excerpt from Linux Web Operations LiveLessons (Video Training), Ben Whaley talks about designing a web application environment to take into account scalability and security.
CCNP Routing and Switching TSHOOT 300-135 Official Cert Guide: Troubleshooting Device Performance
By Raymond Lacoste, Kevin Wallace
Dec 9, 2014
This chapter from CCNP Routing and Switching TSHOOT 300-135 Official Cert Guide discusses common reasons for high CPU and memory utilization on routers and switches, in addition to how we can recognize them. This chapter also covers interface statistics because they sometimes provide the initial indication of some type of issue.
Effective Objective-C and Swift: Q&A with Matt Galloway
By Matt Galloway, Trina MacDonald
Dec 9, 2014
Matt Galloway, author of Effective Objective-C 2.0: 52 Specific Ways to Improve Your iOS and OS X Programs, and Senior Acquisitions Editor Trina MacDonald discuss the Objective-C programming language and how Apple’s new Swift programming language will alter the landscape of future iOS application development.
Managing Software in Ubuntu
By Matthew Helmke
Dec 9, 2014
This chapter from Ubuntu Unleashed 2015 Edition: Covering 14.10 and 15.04, 10th Edition discusses the options you have to manage your software in Ubuntu. pdating a full Ubuntu installation, including all the application software, is as simple as running the Update Manager program. You will discover just how easy it is to install and even remove various software packages.
Setting Up Node.js to Serve Web Applications
By Jesse Smith
Dec 8, 2014
In Part 1 of a five-part series, programming expert Jesse Smith gives you a solid introduction to Node.js and shows you how to start using it for serving web applications.
Video: R Programming Tutorial: Fit Multiple Regression Models
By Jared Lander
Dec 8, 2014
In this video excerpt from R Programming LiveLessons (Video Training): Fundamentals to Advanced, Jared Lander discusses multiple regression and fitting multiple regression models.
Shopping and Visiting B&N on Your Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK
By Patrick Kanouse
Dec 5, 2014
This chapter from The NOOK Book: An Unofficial Guide: Everything You Need to Know about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK, NOOK GlowLight, and NOOK Reading Apps, 6th Edition shows you how to show on your NOOK, how on your computer, use your NOOK in a B&N store and use NOOK Today.
Apple’s Core Data Framework and the Swift Programming Language: Q&A with Tim Roadley
By Tim Roadley, Trina MacDonald
Dec 4, 2014
Tim Roadley, author of Learning Core Data for iOS: A Hands-On Guide to Building Core Data Applications and the upcoming book "Learning Core Data with Swift" discusses Apple's Core Data Framework with Pearson Senior Acquisitions Editor Trina MacDonald. They talk about the challenges developers face when trying to learn how to use the framework and how Apple's Swift programming language makes those challenges easier.
Introducing the Swift Development Environment
By BJ Miller
Dec 4, 2014
In this excerpt from Introducing the Swift Development Environment, BJ Miller explains what Swift is and where it came from, how to install Xcode 6 from the Mac App Store, navigate the Xcode Integrated Development Environment (IDE), use playgrounds, use Swift’s Read-Eval-Print-Loop (REPL), and write your first Swift app.
Sharing Files, Devices, and Services on Your iMac (Yosemite Edition)
By John Ray
Dec 4, 2014
In this chapter from My iMac (Yosemite Edition), you learn how to use your Mac to share and access resources over a network, including sharing files and folders using AirDrop and File Sharing, file sharing with Windows computers, setting Share Permissions, using the Share menu to quickly share files online, sharing and accessing network printers, sharing your screen and viewing remote systems, and turning your Mac into an Internet Access Point.
Video: Introduction to C++ Concurrency: Start a Thread with std::async
By Bartosz Milewski
Dec 4, 2014
In this video excerpt from Introduction to C++ Concurrency LiveLessons (Video Training), Bartosz Milewski shows you how to start a thread with std::async.
Improve Your Health and Automate Your Home Using Your iOS Mobile Device
By Jason R. Rich
Dec 3, 2014
This chapter from iPad and iPhone Tips and Tricks (covers iPhones and iPads running iOS 8), 4th Edition introduces some of the cutting-edge apps related to health, fitness, and home automation that are now available with iOS 8.

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