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An Introduction to Data Visualization in JavaScript: How to Use Data-Joins in D3
By Ritchie S King
Sep 12, 2014
Data-joins are the bread and butter of D3. This chapter from Visual Storytelling with D3: An Introduction to Data Visualization in JavaScript covers how to use data-joins to add elements to a webpage and then manipulate them with data.
Learn Ruby the Hard Way: Comments and Pound Characters
By Zed A. Shaw
Sep 8, 2014
Comments are very important in your programs. They are used to tell you what something does in English, and they are used to disable parts of your program if you need to remove them temporarily. Zed Shaw shows you how to use them in Ruby, in this excerpt from Learn Ruby the Hard Way: A Simple and Idiomatic Introduction To The Imaginative World Of Computational Thinking With Code, 3rd Edition.
Angular JS Fundamental Concepts for Building Web Applications: Part 2
By Jesse Smith
Aug 19, 2014
In Part 2 of a two-part series, programming expert Jesse Smith continues his discussion of Angular JS by exploring modules and services.
Angular JS Fundamental Concepts for Building Web Applications: Part 1
By Jesse Smith
Aug 12, 2014
In Part 1 of a two-part series, Jesse Smith gives you a solid introduction to Angular JS and how the framework is used to create simple web applications.
Introducing Learning Labs: A New Way to Learn Programming
By Jennifer Kyrnin, Phil Ballard, Brad Dayley
Aug 9, 2014
In this interview with Jennifer Kyrnin, Brad Dayley, and Phil Ballard, authors of HTML5 Mobile Application Development in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself (Learning Lab), jQuery and JavaScript in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself (Learning Lab), and JavaScript in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself (Learning Lab), respectively, answer some questions about this new format and what you can learn from it.
Introduction to Core HTML5 2D Game Programming
By David Geary
Aug 5, 2014
Learn how to implement a full-fledged HTML5 video game so that you can learn how to create one of your own. In this chapter, David Geary looks at the game Snail Bait from a high level to get a feel for its features and to understand some of the best practices it implements.
Joomla! Content Explained
By Stephen Burge
Aug 5, 2014
This chapter from Joomla! 3 Explained: Your Step-by-Step Guide, 2nd Edition explains the easiest and fastest way to add content to a Joomla site. If you follow this workflow, it will make your Joomla life very easy.
Service-Orientation Principles with Java Web-Based Services
By Thomas Erl, Raj Balasubramanian, David Chou, Thomas Plunkett, Satadru Roy, Philip Thomas, Andre Tost
Jul 29, 2014
This chapter visits each of the eight service-orientation principles in depth to highlight considerations specific to design and development with Java.
Introduction to "SOA with Java"
By Thomas Erl, Raj Balasubramanian, David Chou, Thomas Plunkett, Satadru Roy, Philip Thomas, Andre Tost
Jul 28, 2014
Thomas Erl et al. describe the objectives and organization of their book, SOA with Java: Realizing Service-Orientation with Java Technologies, explain who the book is for, and what is not actually covered.
Database Development: Comparing Python and Java ORM Performance
By Stephen B. Morris
Jul 22, 2014
Stephen B. Morris draws a comparison between two approaches to ORM-centric database development. One is based on the Python SQLAlchemy ORM tools, and the other uses standard Java JPA. Which is better? The result of comparing a simple use case for both languages is quite surprising.
Introducing the Node.js-to-AngularJS Stack
By Brad Dayley
Jul 21, 2014
To get you off on the right foot, this chapter focuses on the fundamental components of the web development framework and then describes the components of the Node.js-to-AngularJS stack that is the basis for the rest of the book.
Learn Socket Programming with Python
By Jesse Smith
Jul 17, 2014
Programming expert Jesse Smith shows you how to use Python to program socket applications. You will learn about the various socket types and how to apply them.
Learning About Prototypes and Inheritance with JavaScript
By Jesse Smith
Jul 10, 2014
Programming expert Jesse Smith shows you how to use JavaScript prototypes with object-oriented concepts such as inheritance.
Tech Tune-up: A Closer Look at JavaScript Types in Node.js (text+video)
By Marc Wandschneider
Jul 7, 2014
Marc Wandschneider looks at the types in JavaScript, with both text and video tutorials.
REST Web Services in WebSphere Liberty
By Kyle Brown, Roland Barcia, Karl Bishop, Matthew Perrins
Jun 30, 2014
This chapter covers REST Web Services in WebSphere Liberty, including discussions of JAX-RS, JSON Serialization, and RESTful SOA.
A Strategic SEO Upfront Content Approach for WordPress SEO Success
By Jacob Aull
Jun 26, 2014
This chapter discusses starting SEO and developing a content strategy; outlines the best SEO content objectives, plans, and guides; explains how to pick the best keywords; and shows how to manage the WordPress SEO tools.
WebSockets in Windows Store Apps
By Jeremy Likness
Jun 26, 2014
The WebSockets protocol provides full-duplex communication on top of a TCP connection that is initiated by an HTTP handshake. The fact that it runs over existing HTTP and HTTPS ports allows it to pass easily through most existing firewall configurations. The Windows Runtime provides a powerful set of networking APIs that includes components specifically designed for WebSockets communications. In this article, Jeremy Likness shows how to connect to WebSockets using both message-based and real-time connections from Windows Store apps.
Developing Scalable Web Applications with Play
By Steven Haines
Jun 16, 2014
After reading Part 1 of this series, "Introduction to Play 2 with Java," you can now build a full Play web application using Play’s Scala Templates and Play’s domain-driven development as described in this article.
Foreword to The Rails 4 Way
By Obie Fernandez, Kevin Faustino
Jun 11, 2014
Steve Klabnik shares his thoughts on the newest edition of The Rails Way book. Forewords by David Heinemeier Hansson and Yehuda Katz from earlier editions are also included.
15 Rules for Writing Quality Code
By Diomidis Spinellis
Jun 9, 2014
Diomidis Spinellis, author of Code Quality: The Open Source Perspective, lists the 15 most important rules for writing sparkling code. Follow them, and your code will look professional, live long, grow smoothly, and earn your colleagues’ love (rather than swearing).

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