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Introduction to Agile Methods

Preface to Introduction to Agile Methods

Sondra Ashmore and Kristin Runyan introduce their book, Introduction to Agile Methods, the place to start for students and professionals who want to understand Agile and become conversant with Agile values, principles, framework, and processes.


Organizational Culture Considerations with Agile
The organizational culture impacts to an Agile transformation are profound. Successful implementations need support from the team members, management, and executives to embrace new ways of completing work and collaborating. Every role in the organization will be affected in some way, and by understanding what is different and what drives success in each role, we are better positioned for the increase in productivity, responsiveness, and customer satisfaction that can be delivered by becoming Agile.
By Sondra Ashmore, Kristin Runyan - Jul 24, 2014
Improving the Design and Implementation of Object-Oriented Code: The Ongoing Quest for Data Integrity
Matt Weisfeld, author of The Object-Oriented Thought Process, Fourth Edition, travels through time to show the evolution of accessor methods to improve data security and integrity in both structured programming and object-oriented programming. Along the way, we learn about the mechanisms in place today to help produce robust and secure code.
By Matt Weisfeld - Jul 23, 2014
Strategies for App Development Success: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
Carl Brown details the numerous steps within the app development process when things can go horribly wrong -- and provides some tips about what can be done about them.
By Carl Brown - Jul 23, 2014
Cisco ASA Licensing
This chapter discusses license mechanisms for the Cisco ASA's advanced security features that add additional layers of protection or accommodate more complex network designs.
By Andrew Ossipov, Jazib Frahim, Omar Santos - Jul 22, 2014
Database Development: Comparing Python and Java ORM Performance
Stephen B. Morris draws a comparison between two approaches to ORM-centric database development. One is based on the Python SQLAlchemy ORM tools, and the other uses standard Java JPA. Which is better? The result of comparing a simple use case for both languages is quite surprising.
By Stephen B. Morris - Jul 22, 2014
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Why Open Source Matters: Musings from OSCON

With OSCON taking place in Oregon from 7/20/2014 – 7/24/2014, the Open Source community will come together to discuss everything new in the Open Source world. From OSS to Java, Python to PHP, Cloud Computing to Perl and emerging programming languages to mobile platforms, the Open Source community has a lot to chat about.

This said, I wanted to take the time to discuss why the Open Source initiative matters by highlighting a few key elements of the protocol which help to make it so powerful.

By Brad Yale - Jul 22, 2014 - Other Applications, Home & Office Computing, Python, MySQL, PHP, Information Technology, Python, Programming, Open Source, Ruby/Ruby on Rails, Web Services, Graphics & Web Design, Perl, Web Development, Data, Mobile Application Development & Programming, Perl, Android, Ajax & JavaScript, Linux/UNIX/Open Source, PHP, Linux/UNIX/Open Source Operating Systems, HTML5 & Web Standards, Operating Systems, Server
Five Reasons to Advance Your Developer and Programming Skills

Much to the opposite of everything you told your mom for years, you don’t know everything. Knowledge is power. As a programmer, as a developer, as a new coding student or a seen it all hacker, you can always beef up your dev skills. For that reason, here at the top five reasons why you should advance your programming skills with the InformIT 50% Off Developer Video Training event. 

By Brad Yale - Jul 17, 2014 - Ruby, Programming, Java, Open Source, C#, Ruby/Ruby on Rails, C/C++, Web Development, Mobile Application Development & Programming, Ajax & JavaScript, PHP, HTML5/CSS/Blend, HTML/CSS, JavaScript
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