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How to Work with Variables, Data Types, and Arithmetic Expressions in the C Programming Language
C has a rich variety of math operators that you can use to manipulate your data. In this chapter from Programming in C, 4th Edition, Stephen G. Kochan covers the int, float, double, char, and _Bool data types, modifying data types with short, long, and long long, the rules for naming variables, basic math operators and arithmetic expressions, and type casting.
By Stephen G. Kochan - Aug 21, 2014
OSPF Route Filtering: CCNP Routing and Switching ROUTE 300-101
This lesson, excerpted from CCNP Routing and Switching ROUTE 300-101 Complete Video Course, identifies various approaches and discusses the special challenges of filtering routes on an OSPF-speaking router. It concludes by demonstrating two ways to filter OSPF-learned routes.
By Kevin Wallace - Aug 21, 2014
The Official Ubuntu Book, 8th Edition: Getting Started with Ubuntu
This chapter shows how to start using the core features of your new Ubuntu desktop. These concepts should allow you to perform most of the day-to-day tasks when using your computer and provide a base from which to explore the other applications installed on your system.
By Matthew Helmke, Philip Ballew, Benjamin Mako Hill, Elizabeth K. Joseph, José Antonio Rey - Aug 20, 2014
Angular JS Fundamental Concepts for Building Web Applications: Part 2
In Part 2 of a two-part series, programming expert Jesse Smith continues his discussion of Angular JS by exploring modules and services.
By Jesse Smith - Aug 19, 2014
Introduction to Petroleum Reservoirs and Reservoir Engineering
This chapter from Applied Petroleum Reservoir Engineering, 3rd Edition introduces petroleum reservoirs and discusses the history of reservoir engineering, terminology, reservoir types defined with reference to phase diagrams, production from petroleum reservoirs, and Peak Oil.
By Ronald E. Terry, J. Brandon Rogers - Aug 19, 2014
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How the Internet Works: TCP/IP, Trace Routes and Hops

In an attempt to educate you about how the Internet works, this blog post will serve as the first in a long line of posts to come titled "How the Internet Works". My aim is simple: educate readers how various aspects of the Internet work, why they are important and how you can utilize them for personal means. This week in "How the Internet Works" TCP/IP, Trace Routes and Hops.

By Brad Yale - Aug 14, 2014 - Hardware, Information Technology, Networking, Web Services
On The Importance of Continued Education

Normally, I use this space to talk about tech issues. In a way, I will use this post to do that yet more than anything else, I am going to use this space to talk about the reality of continuing to learn in a professional setting. More specifically, I am going to use this space to talk about the importance of continued education in a professional/personal setting and some of the interactive tech tools – Learning Labs – InformIT offers to help you to continue to learn. I promise you, you’ll love Learning Labs.

By Brad Yale - Aug 12, 2014 - Information Technology, Web Services, Mobile Application Development & Programming, Open Source, Programming, Software Development & Management, Web Development, Ajax and JavaScript, C/C++, Graphic Programming, HTML/CSS, HTML5/CSS/Blend, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, PHP, Python, Python, Ruby, Ruby/Ruby on Rails
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