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Pragmatic AI and Machine Learning Core Principles

Pragmatic AI and Machine Learning Core Principles

Machine Learning is the scientific study of models and algorithms that train a computer to make predictions without explicit instruction and is a subset of Artificial Intelligence, which can be defined as computers that mimic human problem-solving. In 4+ hours of video demonstration, Noah Gift helps you master the foundational concepts of AI and ML including supervised Machine Learning, unsupervised Machine Learning, neural networks, and social network theory.

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Find out why digital transformation is important for all organizations and how to do it effectively.

The first steps in building, training, and evaluating learning systems that classify examples (classifiers).

Twenty-two Python programming shortcuts and time-saving techniques.

What is the public cloud these days and how does AWS fits into the public cloud arena in the areas of infrastructure and development, namely IaaS and PaaS?

Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt teach how to accept that you (and no one ever) will write a perfect piece of software.

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