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Learning Modern Java LiveLessons

Learning Modern Java LiveLessons

Java is the world's most popular and widely applied programming language, but it is large, complex, and sometimes difficult to get started with. Learning Modern Java LiveLessons will supply a practical, hands-on introduction to programming with Java 8, the latest version of the language.


This chapter from More Predictive Analytics: Microsoft Excel takes a look at how to decompose a time series so that you can see how its seasonality operates apart from its trend (if any).

This chapter from Easy Windows 10 shows you how to get the most from the enhanced search tools in Windows 10, including Cortana, which provides voice-activated search of both the Web and your device, can send you reminders, and works hard to discover what you like so you get better search results.

Jason R. Rich takes a look at new Apple Watch apps that give the watch enhanced features and functions, and that can make it more useful in your everyday personal or professional life.

In this excerpt from Effective Python LiveLessons (Video Training), Brett Slatkin talks about when you have to use a nonstatic type as a keyword argument's default value, and how to avoid problems that can occur when you do.

This chapter from CCNA Security 210-260 Official Cert Guide covers the Cisco E-mail Security Appliances (ESA) and the Cisco Web Security Appliance (WSA) technologies and solutions in detail. You will learn mitigation technologies such as spam and antimalware filtering, data loss prevention (DLP), blacklisting, e-mail encryption, and web application filtering.

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It's time to consider the foibles of Laptop Life...

And now, let us remember the great advances of a world gone tablet...

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