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EDGE: Value-Driven Digital Transformation

EDGE: The Agile Operating Model That Will Help You Successfully Execute Your Digital Transformation

Jim Highsmith is one of the world's leading agile pioneers and a coauthor of the Agile Manifesto. He, Linda Luu, and David Robinson know from their vast in-the-trenches experience that sustainable digital transformation requires far more than adopting isolated agile practices or conventional portfolio management. EDGE: Value-Driven Digital Transformation involves changing culture and mindset, and going beyond transforming the IT department.

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Twenty-two Python programming shortcuts and time-saving techniques.

Dave Thomas and Andy Hunt teach how to accept that you (and no one ever) will write a perfect piece of software.

A look at how to explore the behavior of a new user story by collaborating around examples with a cross-functional team.

An introduction to how to create an array in JavaScript (JS).

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