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Living Documentation: Continuous Knowledge Sharing by Design

Use an Approach Inspired by Domain-Driven Design to Build Documentation That Evolves to Maximize Value throughout Your Development Lifecycle

Documentation can come to life, stay dynamic, and actually help you build better software. Living Documentation shows how to create documentation that evolves as design and development proceeds, from establishing business goals and capturing domain knowledge through creating architecture, designing software, coding, and deployment. Experienced developer and project leader Cyrille Martraire shows how to use well-crafted artifacts and judicious automation to dramatically increase documentation's value at minimal cost. Through patterns, illustrations, and concrete examples, he helps you apply powerful domain-driven design ideas to meet your evolving documentation needs.

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Get an introduction to the very common built-in type, the array.

Before you start to design a system, or even a class, you need to think the problem through and have some fun! This chapter explores the fine art and science of OO thinking.

Three leading experts from the Software Engineering Institute introduce integrated, empirically developed principles and practices that any software professional can use to gain control of technical debt in any software system.

Popular speaker on telecommunications issues and technology, Anabelle Dodd, discusses what the internet is and how it works in in easy-to-understand language.

Learn how to use and customize the security and privacy features built in to your smartphone or tablet.

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