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Core Java: Advanced Complete Video Course

The No-Nonsense Video Tutorial for Experienced Programmers Who Want to Write Robust Java Code for Real-World Applications

In Core Java: Advanced Complete Video Course, Cay Horstmann demonstrates advanced Java language features along with the most useful parts of the standard library. In 9 hours, you will learn to understand an lambda expressions and streams; read and write files, work with directories, and work with data on the internet; understand how to write programs with concurrent tasks; build sophisticated tools with annotations, compilation, and scripting; write programs that please your customers around the world, by adapting to their preferences, and how to work with dates, times, and time zones; and use Java for accessing databases and for analyzing XML data.

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The Top-Selling, De Facto Guide to SOA—Now Updated with New Content and Coverage of Microservices!

Service-Oriented Architecture

Thomas Erl has thoroughly updated the best-selling Service-Oriented Architecture to reflect new practices, technologies, and strategies that have emerged through hard-won experience and creative innovation. This Second Edition officially introduces microservices and micro task abstraction as part of service-oriented architecture and its associated service layers. Updated case study examples and illustrations further explain and position the microservice model alongside and in relation to more traditional types of services.

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