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Integrating Play for Java and Akka
By Steven Haines
Jun 23, 2014
Learn how to integrate Play with Akka to create highly scalable and resilient applications.
Interface Lessons from "A Dark Room"
By Erica Sadun
Jun 18, 2014
"A Dark Room" is an enormous mess, visually. And yet, despite this it works with perhaps more appeal than if it had presented a gorgeous UI. There are lessons to be learned from this.
Introduction to Play 2 for Java
By Steven Haines
Jun 9, 2014
Learn about when you might want to use Play Framework to help you set up a development environment, and walk through building your first Hello, Play application.
Code as Data: Java 8 Interfaces
By Stephen B. Morris
Jun 2, 2014
Tired of updating Java interfaces and implementation code? Would you prefer an easier way of maintaining your Java service interfaces? Are you finding anonymous class instances a little too heavyweight in your Java GUIs? Java 8 provides some lightweight facilities that may be just what the coding doctor ordered. Stephen B. Morris explores the functional programming world of Java 8.
Adding Bounce to Your UIViews: The Joy of Damped Harmonics in iOS 7 Development
By Erica Sadun
May 28, 2014
iOS 7 introduced built-in damped harmonic oscillations through its spring-based animator. Learn about this new API and how it adds timing curves that emulate the motion of a physical spring.
Put on Your Sorting Hat: Which Algorithm Makes Your Sort 500 Times Faster?
By Brian Overland
May 27, 2014
Are you in a hurry? Brian Overland explains how to speed up your program's sorting capabilities by specifying the right type of sort for each occasion. Is your sort type fast to program but pokey to run? Zippy but a space hog? Learn why one algorithm is speedier than another—potentially hundreds of times faster!
Using the Command and Adaptor Patterns in Java 8
By Stephen B. Morris
May 27, 2014
Design patterns remain a hugely beneficial programming tool. Watch as Stephen B. Morris explores the use of the Command and Adaptor patterns in the brave new world of Java 8.
Training Users for Cheap: Offering Simple Guided Tours in Your Mobile Interfaces
By Erica Sadun
May 21, 2014
Avoid training and support overhead by adding simple tours to your apps. This write-up explores a simple boilerplate solution that’s easy to implement.
Java SE 8's New Compact Profiles and Integer APIs
By Jeff Friesen
May 19, 2014
Java SE 8 offers many useful features that can increase your productivity. Lambdas, the Streams API, and Nashorn may be more widely known, but the Java SE 8 release also includes compact profiles, an API for unsigned integers, and an API for integer arithmetic overflow/underflow detection. Jeff Friesen introduces you to these three lesser-known features.
Regular Expressions 102: Text Translation in C++
By Brian Overland
May 7, 2014
With the new Regular Expression library in the C++11 specification, you can perform complex text translation simply by specifying a couple of text patterns and then just calling a function. Brian Overland, author of C++ for the Impatient, demonstrates how easy and yet powerful these features are to use.
Preface to Bjarne Stroustrup's Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++, 2nd Edition
By Bjarne Stroustrup
May 5, 2014
Bjarne Stroustrup introduces the second edition of his book, Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++, which will give you a solid foundation for writing useful, correct, maintainable, and efficient code.
Exception Management in C++ and Python Development: Planning for the Unexpected
By Stephen B. Morris
May 1, 2014
Stephen B. Morris digs deeper into the terrain between C++ and Python, both of which provide powerful exception-management facilities. Later maintainers of your code will thank you for implementing decent exception logic! In addition to the maintenance advantages, careful use of exception handlers can facilitate effective integration between Python and C++.
Implementing Gestures and Touches in iOS 7
By Erica Sadun, Rich Wardwell
Apr 28, 2014
This chapter introduces direct manipulation interfaces that go far beyond prebuilt controls. By the time you finish reading this chapter, you’ll have read about many different ways you can implement gesture control in your own applications.
Accessing Shared Atomic Objects from within a Signal Handler in C
By Robert C. Seacord
Apr 24, 2014
Robert C. Seacord, author of Secure Coding in C and C++, Second Edition, describes how accessing shared objects in signal handlers can result in race conditions that can leave data in an inconsistent state. Historically, the only conforming way to access a shared object from a signal handler was to read from or write to variables of type volatile sig_atomic_t. With the advent of C11, atomics are now a better choice for accessing shared objects in signal handlers.
First Sketches of an App: Planning the Design of a Mobile Application
By Cameron Banga, Josh Weinhold
Apr 23, 2014
In this chapter you’ll find a general strategic outlay for planning the design of a mobile application. Using the steps and techniques presented, you’ll be prepared for the different phases a design evolves through during its infancy, before a programmer writes the first lines of code.
Java SE 8's New Language Features, Part 2: Predefined Functional Interfaces, Method References, and More
By Jeff Friesen
Apr 22, 2014
Java 8 has significantly evolved the Java language by adding support for default and static methods to interfaces, by introducing lambda expressions and functional interfaces, and more. In Part 2 of a two-part series on Java 8 language features, Jeff Friesen introduces you to predefined functional interfaces, method references, enhanced generic type inference, and type annotations.
Using Object-Oriented Features in Objective-C
By Jesse Feiler
Apr 22, 2014
This chapter explains the messaging structure that is at the heart of Objective-C., using the common alloc and init methods as examples.
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Going Heisenberg on iOS' NSNotificationCenters
By Erica Sadun
Apr 21, 2014
You may think your observers are well behaved, but are they? With modern block-based NSNotificationCenters, you may be leaking without ever realizing it. Erica Sadun shows how to clean things up.
What it Takes to Hit #1 in Various Mac App Stores
By Erica Sadun
Apr 16, 2014
Erica Sadun tells the story about some of her own "successful" apps and explains why top chart positions in the Mac App Store may disappoint on earnings.
Creating an Agile Culture through Trust and Ownership: An Interview with Pollyanna Pixton and Niel Nickolaisen
By Phil Windley, Niel Nickolaisen, Pollyanna Pixton
Apr 10, 2014
Phil Windley talks to Pollyanna Pixton and Niel Nickolaisen about their book, The Agile Culture: Leading through Trust and Ownership, why command and control management doesn't work with software teams, and why really trusting your team can make all the difference in your products, your work environment, and employee quality, satisfaction, and retention.

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