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Agile in General
By Daniel James Gullo
Oct 21, 2016

Daniel Gullo, also known as “the hardest working man in Agile”, explores concepts that touch on various different areas and concepts of Agility in general.

Distribute Your Work
By Martin L. Abbott, Michael Fischer
Oct 21, 2016

Veteran technology and business executives discuss scaling databases and services through cloning and replication, separating functionality or services, and splitting similar data sets across storage and application systems.

By Kirupa Chinnathambi
Oct 21, 2016

Learn how functions in JavaScript help you better organize and group your code, make your code reusable, and the importance of function arguments and how to use them.

By Craig Larman, Bas Vodde
Oct 21, 2016

Craig Larman and Bas Vodde outline what Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) is, its background, and how it can help you scale agility in large organizations.

Personalizing the Way Your S7 Looks and Works
By Michael Miller
Oct 21, 2016

Quickly learn how to personalize your screen background, settings, and sounds and notifications on your Samsung Galaxy S7.

The Chord Diagram
By Barrett Clark
Oct 21, 2016

Barrett Clark demonstrates how to build a chord diagram through the process of creating a new app for flight departures.

The Wizard of Oz
By James Floyd Kelly
Oct 21, 2016

Get details on solving the puzzles and defeating the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz Story Mode adventure.

Organizing the Parts of a Program in C++
By Rogers Cadenhead, Jesse Liberty
Oct 3, 2016

Find out why you should learn C++, how C++ programs are organized, and understand the benefits of comments and functions in C++.

Block Storage Cloud
By Elizabeth Joseph
Oct 2, 2016

Elizabeth Joseph introduces the concept of block storage and provides example usage. The basics of OpenStack Cinder block storage architecture are explained, and then you are walked through configuration.

Customizing Ubuntu for Performance, Accessibility, and Fun
By Matthew Helmke, Elizabeth Joseph, Jose Antonio Rey
Oct 2, 2016

There is an enormous number of services you can run on an Ubuntu server. Matthew Helmke, Elizabeth Joseph, and Jose Rey highlight some of the more popular services, from Web to e-mail to file services.

Finding Friends on Facebook
By Michael Miller
Oct 2, 2016

Find out how to find people you know on Facebook, including people you went to school with or worked with several decades ago, and add them to your friends list.

Testability from a Developer's Perspective
By Alexander Tarlinder
Oct 1, 2016

Why should the developer care about testability? Alexander Tarlinder presents the case for testable software and its benefits. The quality attribute testability is broken down into observability, controllability, and smallness and explained further.

The Testing Vocabulary
By Stephen G. Kochan, Patrick Wood
Sep 30, 2016

Stephen Kochan and Patrick Wood provide tutorials on tools useful in writing shell programs and discuss regular expressions used by many Unix commands.

Agile Process Maturity
By Bob Aiello, Leslie Sachs
Sep 16, 2016

Agile process maturity is a very important consideration when implementing an agile ALM. But what exactly does process maturity really mean in an agile context? Bob Aiello and Leslie Sachs examine the factors that affect agile process maturity from a number of different perspectives.

Case Study: Commuter Rail Mobile App
By David Platt
Sep 16, 2016

David Platt demonstrates how the UX skills presented in The Joy of UX all work together by showing how to design a new mobile app for Boston’s commuter rail system.

Converting Nonusers to Users
By Jagdish N. Sheth, Reshma Shah, Mona Sinha
Sep 16, 2016

Marketing experts Jagdish N. Sheth, Mona Sinha, and Reshma Shah present the case for entering and competing in emerging markets and provide the background to their marketing breakout strategies.

Design Values
By Colleen Macklin, John Sharp
Sep 16, 2016

Game designer Colleen Macklin and technical author John Sharp introduce an important tool for guiding a game’s design through the iterative process, including three case studies showing how design values can guide a game’s design.

Designing the Application
By Boris Scholl, Daniel Fernandez, Trent Swanson
Sep 16, 2016

Microsoft Azure team members cover some considerations for architecting and designing an application using a microservice architectural style, as well as the paths to a microservices architecture.

General-Purpose Methods and Practices
By Diomidis Spinellis
Sep 16, 2016

Professor and author Diomidis Spinellis outlines 13 methods that can help you debug diverse software and systems failures including automation, specialized monitoring, housecleaning, and more.

Building a Custom Linux Distribution
By Rudolf J. Streif
Sep 15, 2016

Build your own operating system images. Rudolf Streif details how to use the Yocto Project to create your own customized Linux distribution and provides an overview of the Linux distribution blueprints available with the build system and how to customize them.

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