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Video: Introduction to Information Security: Why All Tech Personnel Need a Basic Understanding of Security
By Scott Aurnou
Dec 23, 2015
Security issues directly impact IT, networks, and software development. In this excerpt from Introduction to Information Security LiveLessons (Video Training), Scott Aurnou discusses why all technical personnel should have a basic understanding of information security.
Why You Should Be Using Clojure
By Julian Gamble
Dec 23, 2015
Java can still work miracles, but after 20 years has accumulated some baggage and is moving slowly. Julian Gamble, author of Clojure Recipes, advocates a more modern option that takes advantage of what we've learned in the last two decades, combined with the rich heritage of functional programming. Clojure builds on a solid foundation to create code that's simple, powerful, and easy to reason about.
Build Your First Bootstrap Website with the Basic Template
By Jennifer Kyrnin
Dec 22, 2015
One thing you will learn when building a Bootstrap website is that the basics of using Bootstrap come down to adding a few lines of code to your HTML. In this excerpt from Bootstrap in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself, you will learn about the basic Bootstrap template as well as a few other sample templates you can use to add more features to your website.
Working with Fields and Forms in Word 2016
By Faithe Wempen
Dec 22, 2015
This chapter from Word 2016 In Depth delves into the technical nitty-gritty details that govern fields and shows you how you can select, insert, modify, and format fields to accomplish a variety of document-creation and formatting tasks. Even if you don’t end up working manually with fields very often, this is not wasted study! The more you understand about how fields really work, the better you will be able to troubleshoot problems that may occur, or to tweak an individual field’s options to fit an unusual formatting need.
5 Steps to Building and Operating an Effective Security Operations Center (SOC)
By Joseph Muniz
Dec 21, 2015
Joseph Muniz, co-author of Security Operations Center: Building, Operating, and Maintaining Your SOC, provides a high-level overview of the steps involved in creating a security operations center to protect your organization's valuable data assets.
CUDA for Engineers: 2D Grids and Interactive Graphics
By Duane Storti, Mete Yurtoglu
Dec 21, 2015
In this chapter from CUDA for Engineers: An Introduction to High-Performance Parallel Computing, you'll learn about the essentials of defining and launching kernels on 2D computational grids. The authors explain sample code, the flashlight app that takes advantage of CUDA/OpenGL interop to implement real-time graphical display and interaction with the results from 2D computational grids. Finally, they show how to use flashlight as a template and perform modifications to make it applicable to a real engineering problem, numerical exploration of dynamic stability.
Video: PCB Signal Integrity: Understand Coupling
By Douglas Brooks
Dec 21, 2015
In this excerpt from PCB Signal Integrity LiveLessons (Video Training), Douglas Brooks discusses crosstalk and why it can be a problem. He also presents some crosstalk simulations.
Going Large-Scale with C++, Part 1: Successful Small Projects Will Often Grow
By John Lakos
Dec 17, 2015
A single-purpose application with efficient, error-free code is a beautiful dream. In the real world, however, software is typically created by groups working with nearly impossible challenges against tight deadlines. Must successful small programs inevitably become unwieldy behemoths? In this two-part series, John Lakos, author of Large-Scale C++ LiveLessons (Workshop): Applied Hierarchical Reuse Using Bloomberg's Foundation Libraries, explains why large development efforts are fundamentally different from small ones, and explores methodologies for meeting this scalability challenge.
Going Large-Scale with C++, Part 2: Maximizing Returns on Scale with Hierarchical Reuse
By John Lakos
Dec 17, 2015
John Lakos, author of Large-Scale C++ LiveLessons (Workshop): Applied Hierarchical Reuse Using Bloomberg's Foundation Libraries, concludes his two-part series by discussing how hierarchical reuse avoids common pitfalls of large development projects and takes advantage of economies of scale.
Measuring the Value of Enterprise Social Technologies: It's All About That Case!
By Susan Hanley
Dec 17, 2015
Enterprise social technology can help accelerate change and drive business value, but it can be hard to engage executives about this topic. If you want business executives to pay attention, you need to be talking about enabling existing business processes—the critical activities that drive your business. Susan Hanley, author of Essential SharePoint 2013: Practical Guidance for Measurable Business Results , shows you how it’s all about the (business) case.
Video: PCB Signal Integrity: Gain Historical Perspective
By Douglas Brooks
Dec 17, 2015
In this excerpt from PCB Signal Integrity LiveLessons (Video Training), Douglas Brooks discusses the history of signal integrity issues on printed circuit boards, and how faster and faster rise times affect modern PCBs.
Windows 10 Tips and Tricks: Connecting to Networks and the Internet
By Guy Hart-Davis
Dec 17, 2015
This chapter from Windows 10 Tips and Tricks shows you how to connect your computer to a wired network or to a wireless network, how to connect to network folders, and how to deal with network problems. You also learn how to connect your computer to a virtual private network, or VPN, in order to establish a secure connection to a server across the Internet, and how to share your computer’s Internet connection with others.
Thinking Security: Firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems
By Steven M. Bellovin
Dec 16, 2015
In this chapter from Thinking Security: Stopping Next Year's Hackers Steven M. Bellovin asks if the general-purpose firewall is still worth its capital, operational, and productivity cost. He also takes a look a intrusion detection systems, intrusion prevention systems, and extrusion detection systems.
Working with Recipes and Other Small Modifications in Minecraft
By Jimmy Koene
Dec 16, 2015
Learn some of the most basic Minecraft modifications, which include recipes, dungeon possibilities, and generated chests, in this chapter from Sams Teach Yourself Mod Development for Minecraft in 24 Hours, 2nd Edition.
7 Steps to Follow When Someone Delegates Work to You
By Pat Brans
Dec 15, 2015
Whether your boss hands you a task, a co-worker asks you to share responsibilities, or one of your kids needs assistance with a school project, being available and willing to help is just part of everyday life. Knowing your powers as a delegate can make the process easier. Pat Brans explains how to accept (or refuse) tasks with aplomb. With his seven-step plan for delegate success, you can be sure of finishing any task well and on time.
Overview of Security Operations Center Technologies
By Joseph Muniz, Nadhem AlFardan, Gary McIntyre
Dec 15, 2015
This chapter from Security Operations Center: Building, Operating, and Maintaining your SOC focuses on the technology and services associated with most modern SOC environments, including an overview of best practices for data collection, how data is processed so that it can be used for security analysis, vulnerability management, and some operation recommendations.
Configuring an iPhone to Suit Your Preferences
By Brad Miser
Dec 14, 2015
Brad Miser shows you how to set keyboard, language, and format options, configure the Control Center, set Do Not Disturb preferences, set Privacy and Location Services preferences, set Passcode, Touch ID, and Auto-Lock preferences, and set restrictions for content and apps, in this chapter from My iPhone, 9th Edition.
Pinning and Repinning on Pinterest
By Michael Miller
Dec 14, 2015
In this chapter from My Social Media for Seniors, get to know Pinterest, including how to view and repin pins, how to pin, and how to create new Pinterest boards.
Adding Pictures and Graphics in Publisher 2016
By Laura Acklen
Dec 11, 2015
In this chapter from My Publisher 2016, you learn how to add and work with visual elements such as photos, WordArt, borders, and accents.
Excel 2016 VBA and Macros: Referring to Ranges
By Bill Jelen, Tracy Syrstad
Dec 11, 2015
This chapter from Excel 2016 VBA and Macros shows you different ways of referring to ranges, such as specifying a row or column. You’ll also find out how to manipulate cells based on the active cell and how to create a new range from overlapping ranges.

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