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Understanding Concurrency
By G. Blake Meike
Aug 26, 2016

In this sample chapter from Android Concurrency, author G. Blake Meike explains how concurrent programs are used in software and hardware, introduces threads for executing sequential instructions in concurrent orders, and discusses the Java memory model used to connect the work of application programmers and hardware developers into an optimized program.

Introduction to Augmented Reality
By Tobias Hollerer, Dieter Schmalstieg
Jun 10, 2016
In this chapter from Augmented Reality: Principles and Practice, Dieter Schmalstieg and Tobias Hollerer provide an introduction to the research field and practical occurrences of augmented reality, present a brief history of the field, take you on a whirlwind tour of AR application examples, and conclude with a discussion of related fields.
Open Source: GitHub for .NET Developers, Part 1: Version Control
By Alessandro Del Sole
Mar 3, 2016
In this new article series, Alessandro Del Sole introduces GitHub, the popular platform for collaboration on open source projects, from the point of view of .NET developers using Visual Studio 2015.
By Ian Wedgwood
Mar 2, 2016
In this chapter from Lean Sigma, Ian Wedgwood examines who will benefit from this book, reviews the assumptions that are needed to follow its project-based approach, and explains the basics and terminology of the Lean Sigma process improvement methodology.
By Phil Dutson
Feb 29, 2016
In this chapter from Android Development Patterns, Phil Dutson covers the View class and several subclasses, and explains how to create a custom view.
Watching TV on Your Devices
Feb 26, 2016
In this chapter from My Digital Entertainment for Seniors, Jason R. Rich explains buying and streaming shows on your computer, smartphone, or tablet, and discusses some apps that enhance your viewing experience on a regular TV.
Designing and Deploying Cisco Unified IM and Presence
By Chris Olsen
Feb 25, 2016
This chapter describes the Cisco Unified Communications IM and Presence (IM&P) architecture and design.
Using Analog Sensors with the Raspberry Pi
By Richard Blum
Feb 25, 2016
Richard Blum, co-author of Sams Teach Yourself Python Programming for Raspberry Pi in 24 Hours, Second Edition, walks through how to use analog sensors to capture data with your Raspberry Pi.
How to Stimulate Innovation Without Blowing Up the Lab
By Pat Brans
Feb 24, 2016
Modern organizations have to think ahead if they don't want to fall behind. But how can you motivate your people to come up with tomorrow's ideas when they're occupied with meeting today's needs? Pat Brans talks with Keith Harmeyer about why innovation is essential, how to encourage creative thinking, and the value (and risk) involved in making innovation part of the job.
Quality Management Systems: Adding Business Value
By Alka Jarvis, Paul Palmes
Feb 24, 2016
Learn the reasons, methods, and possible tools to achieve initial registration or upgrade to the 2015 revision of ISO 9001 that add value to your business.
Validation of XML in Data-Centric Systems
By Stephen B. Morris
Feb 24, 2016
Data validation remains an un-sexy part of software development. In spite of its importance to the success of so many systems, validation is often added as a nearly optional and sometimes poorly crafted extra. Omitting solid XML validation is dangerous. It's also unnecessary, because XML Schema 1.1 offers compelling data-management features that simplify validation, as Stephen B. Morris explains.
Saving with SQLite
By Joseph Annuzzi, Shane Conder, Lauren Darcey
Feb 23, 2016
What if you need to store structured data for your application, such as data more suited for storing in a database? That's where SQLite comes in. In this chapter, learn to modify the SampleMaterial application so that Card data is stored persistently in a SQLite database on the device and will survive various lifecycle events. By the end of this chapter, you will be confident in adding a SQLite database for your application.
Securing Cisco Device Management
By Sean Wilkins
Feb 23, 2016
Sean Wilkins, co-author of CCNA Routing and Switching 200-120 Network Simulator, Academic Edition, discusses available solutions for addressing basic security concerns of Cisco network devices, including important protocols that every security approach should implement.
Sports Performance Measurement and Analytics: Anatomy and Physiology
By Lorena Martin
Feb 21, 2016
Understanding the basics of anatomy and physiology is fundamental to obtaining a more comprehensive knowledge of what it means to be an athlete.
WAN Technologies
By Allan Johnson
Feb 21, 2016
Learn the characteristics and benefits of various WAN technologies.
Using Apps and Games on My Apple TV
By Sam Costello
Feb 20, 2016
Apple TV has its own App Store that takes the device far beyond the pre-installed apps. Some of your favorite iPhone and iPad apps will probably show up in the Apple TV App Store, but there will also be some new apps that you won’t be able to live without.
Integration: What It Is, What It Isn't, and Why You Should Care
By Chad W. Autry, Mark A. Moon
Feb 19, 2016
Learn why efforts to achieve true business integration must be driven both from the top down and from the bottom up.
Shopping Safely Online
By Michael Miller
Feb 19, 2016
Learn how to shop safely online, including how to make a purchase, how to buy and sell on eBay, and how to buy and sell on Craigslist.
SPHR Exam Prep: Workforce Planning and Employment
By Cathy Winterfield
Feb 19, 2016
An organization’s overall success will be determined to a significant degree by its ability to have the right people, with the right skills, in the right places, at the right times. Although this statement sounds somewhat straightforward, let’s take a closer look at what it actually means.
Windows PowerShell: When to Choose Workflow Versus Script Functions
By Timothy L. Warner
Feb 19, 2016
With many maintenance tasks to perform on your network, you don't enjoy running a bunch of individual functions on multiple computers. Isn't there a better way? Timothy Warner, author of Sams Teach Yourself Windows PowerShell in 24 Hours, explains how to take advantage of the PowerShell workflow to group and simplify your day-to-day network activities.

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