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Drawing the Aqua Button

To draw the aqua button, use the Rounded Rectangle tool. If your Tools panel isn't already open, click Window, Tools.

Select the Rounded Rectangle tool, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 02Figure 2 Selecting the Rounded Rectangle tool.

As the name implies, the Rounded Rectangle tool differs from the normal Rectangle tool because it allows you to have rounded corners. With the Rounded Rectangle tool selected, set the value of the Rectangle Roundness in the Property inspector to 75, as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 03Figure 3 Setting the Rectangle Roundness to 75.

Draw a rectangle in the center of your screen, as shown in Figure 4. To draw this rectangle, position your cursor on the left side of the canvas (where you want the rectangle to begin). Click—and keep holding down the left mouse button—as you drag toward the right. Release the mouse button when your rectangle is the desired size.

Figure 04Figure 4 Drawing a rounded rectangle.

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