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Speaking the Language

Throughout this series, I've made the point that the technology staff and the marketing staff must work together to meet your organization's goals. Your marketing department must realize that in the world of e-business today, technology is no longer at the service of marketing—it defines marketing. The marketing staff has to learn how to talk to your IT staff, explaining their marketing needs without showering you with creative briefs, value propositions, marketing plans, or mission statements.

This series installment—how to create loyalty programs and cross-selling partnerships—shows clearly the need to communicate between your two departments. Creating a loyalty program and finding other sites for cross-selling opportunities is obviously the domain of the marketing department. But your IT staff can really help in this endeavor.

So let's look at the challenges your marketing department faces when setting up a loyalty program and planning a strategy to attract other sites to promote what you're offering your target audience—and how IT can help.

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