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Recovery Chairperson and EMT Responsibilities

Upon notification, the EMT, which has been briefed in advance and trained, should report immediately to the recovery headquarters location identified in the plan. The Recovery Chairperson is the principal executive involved in management of the EMT.

The job of the Recovery Chairperson is to serve as a liaison to executive management, request executive representative if necessary, and authorize the activation of one or more subordinate recovery plans.

The Recovery Chairperson also provides high-level management reports of the recovery process as well as "filtering and forwarding" reports from subordinate teams to avoid overwhelming executive management with thousands of details.

These subordinate teams can include, but are not necessarily limited to, teams such as the Affected Site team, Central Support team, Magnetic Media Retrieval team, New Equipment Installation team, Existing Equipment Recovery team, Systems Software team, and so on.

It does not end with the MIS and Technical Services department, however. The EMT and Recovery Chairperson are also expected to establish and maintain liaison with other departments or teams, including (but not limited to) the Legal and Regulatory team, Building and Facilities team, Finance and Purchasing team, Insurance and Risk Management team, Physical Security team, Travel and Transportation Team, and others.

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