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We hope this introduction has motivated you to learn more about what this amazing method we call Mining the Talk can do. By this point, you should be convinced that there is a growing problem faced by businesses due to ever-increasing complexity of relationships and interactions, and that mining of unstructured information is a potential solution to this problem. We have also introduced the basic premise behind our method, which is that mining of unstructured information requires the capture of domain knowledge and business objectives if it is to consistently succeed. We trust the rest of this book will convince you that this premise is correct.

In subsequent chapters, we will take you on our journey through five application areas of our approach, giving you specific insights into how our approach can be used to address needs within the business. As we go through these application areas, the steps of the Mining the Talk methodology will be fleshed out. The next three chapters will address the informal talk that occurs with customers and employees. Subsequently, Chapters 5 and 6, "Mining to See the Future," will address more formal talk that is found in technical literature, patents, and the Web. Finally, in Chapter 7, "Future Applications," we discuss some potential future applications of Mining the Talk.

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