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Seeing Strategic Opportunities

What enables Advantage-Makers to see strategic opportunities that others overlook? Advantage-Makers are able to strategically shift to find commanding vantage points. Strategic shifting is adopting the right angle, the most useful perspective(s), to see a situation and maximize opportunity.

From the higher ground of a commanding vantage point, leaders are able to

  • Read complex situations
  • Take advantage of constantly changing, dynamic circumstances
  • Spot opportunities that others can’t see from their more limited vantage points
  • Establish a superior strategy, a favorable situation, or a profitable course of action
  • Leaders with the penetrating insight and sound judgment of an Advantage-Maker are able to turn everything to their best possible advantage while guarding against the designs of their competitors.

Whatever outcomes you are achieving, the perspective of the Advantage-Maker helps you create a superior outcome.

The advantage-making strategies can be applied to an array of management challenges:


  • Do more with less, faster
  • Enrich strategic thinking and decision making
  • Create strategies for business growth


  • Build a team of Advantage-Makers
  • Fix interdepartmental and collaboration conflicts
  • Design the underlying performance structures to be more effective
  • Create momentum and correct lack of alignment


  • Direct a major change
  • Improve leadership influence and effectiveness
  • Boost performance of newly promoted executives
  • Pull your—or someone else’s—feet out of the fire

As a leader, whether you need to beat the odds or take advantage of an opportunity, the consequences are significant for you and your organization. You either create an advantage or react from a disadvantage.

Advantage-Makers do the right thing to spot opportunities, create advantages, and influence outcomes.

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