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Third Party Applications

There are none for the iPhone — and this is why my iPhone will be returned. On a regular basis I review PPT presentations, chat via AIM and MSN, SSH into servers, use remote desktop, play games, do security related activities, and much more, all from my Windows Mobile phone. With a large developer base, Windows Mobile users have over 18,000 possible software titles they can install. Games, media apps, productivity tools, and much more are all available to the user, most of which you can download right to the phone and install. So, why would you want to pay more for a phone that does less?

Slow Network Speeds

In case you aren’t aware of this, the iPhone is only able to connect to AT&T's EDGE network, which will give you rather slow data speeds — especially when compared to their much faster 3G network. My 8125 device is also only EDGE; however, would I have waited two months to get my phone, I could have gotten the 8525, which does support the faster 3G network. Even Smartphones have faster browsing speed than the iPhone!

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