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Get Other Information via Google Text Messaging

Google Mobile requires the use of a web-enabled cell phone. But even if you’re phone doesn’t have Internet capability, you can still use it for Google searches—using text messages.

Here’s how it works. Just create a new text message with your query as the message text, then send that message to number 46645 (that’s "GOOGL" in numbers). Google will immediately text message back the matching results.

You can use this text-messaging approach to search for all sorts of information on Google—weather conditions, driving directions, sports scores, stock quotes, you name it. All you have to do is include the appropriate keywords in your query, and Google will know what type of search to conduct.

Here’s just a sampling of information you can search for using Google’s text messaging:

  • Weather conditions and forecast—enter the keyword weather followed by the Zip code or city name.
  • Stock quotes—enter the ticker symbol for the stock.
  • Sports scores—enter the name of the team. (Available only for sports in season.)
  • Driving directions—enter the starting location followed by the keyword to followed by the ending location, like this: minneapolis mn to hudson wi.
  • Local businesses—enter the type of business followed by the Zip code, city, or state name.
  • Movie showtimes—enter the name of the movie followed by the Zip code or city name.
  • Product prices—enter the keyword price followed by the product name or details; comparative prices are returned from the Froogle shopping search engine.
  • Word definitions—enter the keyword define followed by the word you want to look up.
  • Foreign-language translations—enter the keyword translate followed by the word followed by the keyword in followed by the language, like this: translate toilet in german.
  • Conversions—enter the first number followed by the keyword in followed by the second number, like this: 20 dollars in yen.
  • Mathematical calculations—enter the appropriate formula, like this: 5*5 or 10/3 or 2+2 or 7-5.

It’s amazing everything Google can do, even when you’re not around a PC. With Google Mobile and Google text messaging, a world of information is at your fingertips—all you need is your cell phone!

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