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Geometry Shader

DirectX 10 features a new geometry shader capability that doesn’t calculate based on vertices, as DX9 hardware does, but rather on units such as dots, lines, and triangles. This new geometry shader results in games that feature entirely new levels of detail that we’ve never seen before. For example, not only will you see every single detail of a blade of grass, but dewdrops merging together and slipping to the ground. With DX10 and the geometry shader, you can actually see a face (of your game character, for instance) with hundreds of existing muscles, bones, scars, or scratches (see Figure 5).

Figure 5

Figure 5 DirectX 10 will create a new sense of virtual reality.

As Figure 6 shows in one of the early screenshots from Crysis (the first DX10 game), facial characteristics are more realistic than ever before.

Figure 6

Figure 6 Faces of game characters created with DX10 technology (courtesy of IGN.com).

Both pictures show facial details that have only been possible in rendered movies such as Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within or Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Now, with DirectX 10, we finally see this in-game!

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