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Installing Moka5

  1. Access the Moka5 website.
  2. On the opening page, notice the way Moka5 documents the three steps you need to perform.
  3. Click step one to download the engine and download it. This leads you to a page that has the three steps listed on one page. You’ll need to click the disk with the orange arrow in it to kick off the download.
  4. Select whether you’ll install Moka5 on your PC or portable storage device.
  5. Let it roll.
  6. Once Moka5 starts, open the Library link, find a small image, and let it load. During the download, you’ll see the orange dot become a complete circle as the content is downloaded.
  7. Play.
  8. Use whatever shutdown mechanism the image supports.

It’s really that easy. If you need more information, please check out the companion videos.

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