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Set and Retrieve a Script Engine's State

A script engine has state that can be set by a Java program, accessed and manipulated by a script, and retrieved by the Java program. The program sets this state by invoking ScriptEngine's public void put(String key, Object value) method, where key typically identifies a scripting language variable and value provides the variable's value. Similarly, a Java program invokes ScriptEngine's public Object get(String key) method to retrieve the state value. Listing 3 describes an application that demonstrates these methods.

Listing 3: ScriptDemo3.java

// ScriptDemo3.java

import javax.script.*;

public class ScriptDemo3
   public static void main (String [] args) throws ScriptException
      // Create a ScriptEngineManager that discovers all script engine
      // factories (and their associated script engines) that are visible to
      // the current thread's classloader.

      ScriptEngineManager manager = new ScriptEngineManager ();

      // Obtain a ScriptEngine that supports the JavaScript short name.

      ScriptEngine engine = manager.getEngineByName ("JavaScript");

      // Initialize the age script variable to 85 (an Integer).

      engine.put ("age", 85);

      // Evaluate a script that determines if a person can obtain an amount to
      // deduct from their taxable income based on age.

      engine.eval ("var ageAmount = 0.0; if (age >= 65) ageAmount += 6000;");

      // Retrieve the ageAmount script variable (a Double) and output its 
      // value.

      System.out.println ("ageAmount = " + engine.get ("ageAmount"));

ScriptDemo3 creates the following output:

ageAmount = 6000.0
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