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How Strong Is Your Relationship?

Now, the part you’ve been waiting for: Can you expect your disaster-recovery relationship to last? Add up your points and see.





The perfect relationship!

You will have a long, blissful, and intimate relationship with your significant components. If "Dear Abby" answered a letter about recovery planning, she would probably refer to you by name.


Working on the perfect relationship

You know your imperfections but are working to improve. You might earn a feature spot on Oprah when she does "Disaster Recovery Planners Who Are Really Trying to Change."


Relationship challenged

Please seek professional help. There are 12-step programs for people like you, but the first step in the healing process is recognition.


Counseling won’t help

If you’re trapped in a destructive relationship with someone who has this score, start seeing other people. Stated another way, have you ever seen the "Three Stooges" short called "A Plumbing We Will Go?" This person probably believes that Curly had the right idea for getting water out of a room by drilling holes in the floor. If you happen to work for this person—MAYDAY!

I hope you’ve had as much fun reading this article as I did writing it. The idea was to present a not-too-subtle way of getting your gears turning again after what I hope was a great holiday for you. I’ll be back next month in a more serious vein, but in the meantime please accept my best wishes for a prosperous 2007!

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