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Bonus Questions

You’re probably getting worried about your score so far on this quiz. Let me toss you a few easy questions so I don’t have to worry about hurting your self-esteem:

  • Has your company hosted a New Years’ party in the last five years where anyone brought a live monkey or other primate? If the answer is yes, deduct 25 points.
  • Does your company have an IT disaster recovery program that integrates with the finance department to ensure that technical employees called upon to travel after a disaster can get cash quickly?

    Was the primate or monkey discussed above your principal system administrator? If this answer is yes, add back the 25 points you deducted.

  • Are all cable risers in your building fire-stopped with an approved material to prevent water or fire from traveling from floor to floor after a mishap? If so, take 25 points.
  • Do you involve your business units in all recovery-planning efforts to ensure that the systems you’re backing up are those that are most critical and revenue-impacting to the business? That’s worth 100 points.
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