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Every day we access many different forms of technology, from central heating to mobile phones to PCs and so on. All the actions you take with these elements represent some type of management operation—whether it’s adjusting a thermostat or sending an email message. If you want to automate such actions, you need to be able to characterize and model the managed entity. This is done via instrumentation on the entity.

You’ve seen how easy it is to use SharpDevelop to build a simple solution to use the System.Environment class. This is a simple class, and yet it provides a lot of useful information that can be browsed and discarded or stored for later use. What you do with management data depends on the needs of your application.

Aside from its many other benefits, SharpDevelop features an excellent debugger. This tool allows you to step through your code easily and examine the source code in detail as it executes. All this from a free software tool!

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