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Debugging with SharpDevelop

To begin with, open the SharpDevelop project by double-clicking the solution file. Click a line of interest in or around the code you want to debug, and press F7 to create a breakpoint. In Figure 3, I’ve created a breakpoint that’s highlighted in red. We’re finally ready to run the debugger! To access the debugger, click the Debug menu.

Figure 3

Figure 3 Inserting a breakpoint (highlighted in red) in the solution.

Next, select Run (or press F5) to commence executing the solution. A DOS command console pops up, and control is returned to the SharpDevelop GUI (see Figure 4).

Figure 4

Figure 4 Debugging the solution.

At the execution point in Figure 4, you can point your mouse at the variable nl and see its current value. If you’ve used Microsoft Visual Studio products, this should be familiar territory; if not, then you’ll get used to it before long. To continue debugging the program, just click Debug > Step Into. You can continue this process right to the end of the program.

Debugging a program like this is the ultimate in dipping into a piece of software. I’ve always found debugging almost addictive. Knock yourself out.

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