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Creating an Organization Chart


An organization chart shows the reporting relationships between individuals in an organization. For example, you can show the relationship between a manager and employees within a company. You can create an organization chart using a SmartArt graphic (New!) or using Microsoft Organization Chart. If you’re creating a new organization chart, a SmartArt graphic is your best choice. If you need to match an existing organization chart from a previous version of PowerPoint, Microsoft Organization Chart is your best choice. A SmartArt graphic organization chart makes it easy to add shapes using the graphic portion or the Text pane.

Create an Organization Chart Using a SmartArt Graphic

1.gif Click the Insert tab.

2.gif Click the SmartArt button.

3.gif In the left pane, click Hierarchy.

4.gif In the right pane, click a SmartArt organization chart type.

5.gif Click OK.

The SmartArt graphic appears with a Text pane to insert text.

6.gif Label the shapes by doing one of the following:

  • Type text in the [Text] box.

    You can use the arrow keys to move around the Text pane.

  • Click a shape, and then type text directly into the shape.

7.gif To add shapes from the Text pane, place the insertion point at the beginning of the text where you want to add a shape, type the text you want, press Enter, and then to indent the new shape, press Tab or to de-indent, press Shift+Tab.

8.gif When you’re done, click outside of the SmartArt graphic.

Add a Shape to an Organization Chart

1.gif Select the shapes in the SmartArt graphic you want to modify.

2.gif Click the Design tab under SmartArt Tools.

3.gif Click the shape with the layout you want to change.

4.gif Click the Add Shape button arrow, and then select the option you want:

  • Add Shape After or Add Shape Before. Inserts a shape at the same level.
  • Add Shape Above or Add Shape Below. Inserts a shape one level above or below.
  • Add Assistant. Inserts a shape above, but it’s displayed at the same level at the end in the Text pane.

5.gif When you’re done, click outside of the SmartArt graphic.

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