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Modifying Links

When you modify a linked object, it is usually updated in the destination document. However, if it doesn’t automatically update, you can update the link manually. All Office 2007 programs give you some control over the links you have established. You can convert a linked object to another object type. For example, if you linked an Excel 2007 worksheet to a PowerPoint 2007 presentation, and then later wanted to save it as a PowerPoint 97-2003 presentation, you can convert the linked Excel object to an Excel 97-2003 worksheet.

Edit a Linked Object

1.gif Open the presentation that contains the links you want to update.

2.gif Double-click the object.

The source program opens.

3.gif Make changes you want.

4.gif Click the Office button (or File menu, depending on the program), and then click Exit program name (or Exit to return to program name).

Convert a Linked Object

1.gif Right-click the linked object whose file type you want to convert.

2.gif Point to Linked x Object, where x is Worksheet, Equation, or some file type, depending on the object type.

3.gif Click Convert.

4.gif Click the new object type you want.

5.gif Click OK.

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