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Selecting Chart Data

Use Microsoft Excel worksheet to edit your data. Select the data first in the worksheet. If you click a cell to select it, anything you type replaces the contents of the cell. If you double-click the cell, however, anything you type is inserted at the location of the cursor. You can select one cell at a time, or you can manipulate blocks of adjacent data called ranges. For example, the sample data below is a range.

Select Data in the Worksheet

1.gif Click the chart you want to modify, and then click the Edit Data button on the Design tab under Chart Tools.

2.gif Use one of the following to select a cell, row, column, or datasheet.

  • To select a cell, click it.
  • To select an entire row or column, click the row heading or column heading button.
  • To select a range of cells, drag the pointer over the cells you want to select, or click the upper-left cell of the range, press and hold Shift, and then click the lower-right cell. When you select a range of cells, the active cell is white, and all other selected cells are outlined in black.

3.gif To close the worksheet and view the chart, click the Close button on the Excel worksheet and return to PowerPoint.

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