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Some Wireless Specifications

The following contains some of the details of the wireless networking gear contained in the Wii. All this information is available at the FCC's equipment search page (https://gullfoss2.fcc.gov/prod/oet/cf/eas/reports/GenericSearch.cfm). To locate the actual details schematics, testing, and internal pictures of the 802.11 or Bluetooth cards, go to the previous listed site and type in EW4DWMW004 for the 802.11 card and/or POOWML-C43 for the Bluetooth card.

In summary, the 802.11 card only operates in the 2412-2462GHz range. In 802.11b mode, the card can obtain a 20.07dBm or 101.62 mW output. The external antenna provides an additional 1.87dBi. The internal chip is made by Broadcom, a popular wireless network card manufacturer. Onboard the wireless card are two antenna connectors, which can easily be used to connect an more powerful and larger external antenna if desired. The following are the numbers on the chip:

HS0605 P20
769984 N1

The Bluetooth card operates within the 2.402-2480 GHz range. It can obtain a 5.83dBm or 3.83mW output in 8PSK mode or 3.66dBm/2.32mW output in GFSK mode.

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