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Importing and Exporting From and To Microsoft Excel

In addition to create its own format spreadsheet files, Google Spreadsheets also lets you import XLS- and CSV-format spreadsheet files created with Microsoft Excel. You can then work with these Excel spreadsheets from within Google Spreadsheets.

To import an Excel file, click the Open link and, when the Open a Spreadsheet dialog box appears, click the Browse button. When the Choose File dialog box appears, navigate to and select the XLS or CSV file you want to import, then click the Open button. Finally, when the Open a Spreadsheet dialog box displays the message, "File imported successfully," click the Open Now link.

By default, all the spreadsheets you work with in Google Spreadsheets are stored on Google’s servers. You can, however, download files from Google to your computer’s hard drive, to work with in Excel. In essence, you’re exporting your Google spreadsheet to an XLS-format Excel file.

To export the current spreadsheet, select File, Download as .XLS. When the File Download dialog box appears, click the Save button. Then, when the Save As dialog box appears, select a location for the downloaded file, rename it if you like, and then click the Save button.

The Google Spreadsheets file is saved in XLS format on your hard disk. You can now open that file with Excel, and work on it as you would with any Excel spreadsheet.

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