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Additional Activities

Activity 1-3: More Neat Examples

In this activity, you will look at some example programs that ship with LabVIEW.

  1. From the Help menu, choose Find Examples. . . .

  2. ICON TYPE Run Button

    This will bring up the NI Example Finder. You can browse the tree of examples by example folder directory structure or by program task type. Double-clicking a VI will open it in LabVIEW. Run Button

  3. Run the VI by clicking on the Run button.

  4. After you run an example, choose Show Diagram from the Window menu to see what the program looks like.

  5. Now look through and run other VIs in the Example Finder. Try to get an idea of the LabVIEW environment and what you can do with it. Although all of the examples are extremely educational, you should investigate the examples found in the Industry Applications folder of the Task view. Feel free to browse through any VIs that strike your fancy; you can learn a lot just by watching how they work. Also feel free to modify and use these examples for your own applications (just be sure to save them to a different location so you don't overwrite the built-in examples).

  6. When you're done, select Close from the File menu to close each VI. Do not save any changes you may have made.

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